Falcon gives you everything you need to create the sound of your dreams, delivering an extensive collection of cutting-edge tools in an open-ended semi-modular environment.
A powerful instrument for seasoned pros and beginners alike, Falcon can be easily adapted to serve many needs. Whether you're looking for inspiring sounds for a new song, or are deep-diving into creative sound design, Falcon can be as nimble or calculating as the task requires.
Explore sound with precision and finesse, from basic sample slicing and synth design to modulated multitimbral hybrids, create incredible layered synths, expressive MPE instruments, powerful drums, intricately chopped breaks, multi-channel surround sound, imaginative sound design, generative sequences, wild effects and much more.


Falcon includes 20 oscillators providing a wide range of synthesis and sample-based sound generation including virtual analog, wavetable, phase distortion, FM, additive, drum, noise, formant, pluck, harmonic resonators, bowed string, sample, stretch, granular, and more. Layer them, map them, modulate them, make them yours.


Over 100 high-quality effects are included, giving you numerous flavors of delay, reverb, modulation, filtering, EQ, amps, distortion, dynamics, analyzers and more. Effects can be instanced throughout your patch, used in parallel, and deeply modulated. UVI's proprietary DSP ensures pristine quality, from lush modulated reverbs to incredibly accurate physically-modeled compressors, and beyond.


Add movement and dynamics to any part of your sound with envelopes, MSEGs, LFOs, drunk and random generators, and more. Modulate your oscillators, your effects, even modulate your modulators! Remap and quantize them with Mappers, or make it physical with extensive support for MIDI CC, OSC, and host automation sources.


Manipulate incoming MIDI or generate it algorithmically using a wide variety of included scripts to enhance, augment, and modulate your performances – then pipe that data to the rest of your studio, all without needing to know how to program. And for those comfortable with Lua, Falcon offers a powerful way to extend its functionality, and create unique processors and instruments of your own design.


Falcon's interface is adaptable to your needs, from exploring presets and editing sounds, to creating instruments, mixing multichannel performances, and more. Features like UI Snapshots, program templates, extensive preset implementation, and tree view make realizing your inspirations all that much faster.

Get the sound you want

Falcon comes with an expansive factory library of 1500 presets and 500+ wavetables created by some of the most respected sound designers in the world - tap them for instant gratification or to inspire your own sound design.
Buy Falcon, get a
$100|100€ VOUCHER
There's even more to discover, Falcon is fully-compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered instruments. Each purchase of Falcon also includes a $100 / 100€ voucher good towards the purchase of any soundware or Falcon Expansion on With dozens of choices ranging from orchestral instruments to vintage synths, you can immediately expand Falcon to complement your style.

What's new in Falcon 3?

Since Falcon's initial release we have been committed to refining and expanding its creative potential. With one ear to R&D, and the other to user feedback, we regularly add new features, content, and optimizations, all at no cost to our existing users.
Registered users of Falcon and SonicPass can download Falcon 3 immediately with UVI Portal.
Version 3 sees the addition of 3 new oscillators including VOSIM (formant), Bowed String, and Harmonic Resonator, 4 new effects including Opal, Ladder Filter, Dispersor, and Harmonic Resonator FX, MIDI Out support, new scripts, numerous workflow improvements including UI snapshots, launch screen, and more, and an updated and refreshed factory library.
UVI Falcon | New oscillator
Falcon 3 comes with 3 all-new oscillators! VOSIM (a tribute to vintage vocal synths) offers 2 unique modes for creating formant sounds, Bowed String gives you a virtual bow and string with multiple articulation modes, and Harmonic Resonator gives you a multi-layer exciter feeding 6 tunable resonators with coupling.
UVI Falcon | New effects
4 new effects deliver powerful creative possibilities within Falcon. Explore Opal, our advanced physically-modeled optical-compressor, Ladder Filter, our take on the classic East Coast filter, Harmonic Resonator, a signal-based resonator bank effect, and Dispersor, a unique transient shaper with variable spread, frequency, order, and stages.
UVI Falcon | New sequencers and scripts
Falcon event processors are a huge resource for creative inspiration, version 3 adds a number of new and improved scripts including the MIDI CC Smoother, Node Arp, Motion Grid, Snowflakes, and improved MPE. Last but not least, you can now control external software and hardware instruments with MIDI Out.
UVI Falcon | Workflow
Work smarter and faster with new features like Workspaces, allowing you to save and recall UI states to quickly move between customized views, a new start screen with 21 new program templates can help users jump-start the creative process, a new 'Mappers' editor and tab bring these powerful tools closer to the surface, finally numerous UI improvements have been made to help fine tune legibility and use.
UVI Falcon | New presets
A completely refreshed Falcon Factory offers 1,500+ presets with improved macro controls and all-new UIs, enhancing the entire library while adding dozens of all-new sounds.

What's new since version 2

If it's been a while since you've looked at Falcon, you might be missing something great! Here's a look at everything also added since version 2:




Diffuse Delay
Dual Delay X
Feedback Compressor
Feedback Machine
Magnetic Bass Shaper
TS Overdrive
Velvet Delay




Multi LFO
Smooth Random


Multi LFO
Cartesian Sequencer
Chip Arp
Chord Strum
Euclidean Keys
Gate Mod
Gate Mod Bernoulli
Gate Mod Poly
MIDI Monitor
MIDI Pitch Delay
MIDI Record
Note Pan
Ostinato Arp
Probability Arp
Rain Sequencer
Slicer Remixer
Step Arp
Strum Wheel
Tape Mod
Velocity Test
Warp Sequencer
Wave Sequencer
UVI Falcon | In-Depth



UVI Falcon | Oscillators
Falcon includes 20 oscillators covering a wide range of modern synthesis methods from basic sample playback to more advanced generators like Pluck, Wavetable and IRCAM Multi Granular.
One of Falcon's greatest strengths is its ability to freely layer oscillators to create elaborate hybrid instruments that capitalize on the unique features of both sample-based and algorithmic sound creation. There are no preset limits on the quantity or type of oscillators you can use, you're limited only by your computers processing power and imagination.
UVI Falcon | Synthesis


UVI Falcon | Sampling




UVI Falcon | Analog Oscillator
A virtual analog oscillator outfitted with a traditional selection of waveforms including Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle, Noise and Pulse. Includes pulse width modulation, sync control and a robust unison section supporting phase, tuning and spread control on up to 8 voices.


UVI Falcon | Drum Oscillator
Designed for the creation of rhythmic and percussive sounds, DRUM utilizes both a pitched oscillator and noise generator. Both pitched and noise oscillators sport discrete AD amplitude envelopes with the former providing pitch modulation. EQ and distortion are available in the master section for broad shape control.


UVI Falcon | Analog Stack Oscillator
An 8-voice implementation of the Analog oscillator designed to facilitate the rapid layering. Each voice utilizes the same basic engine found in the Analog oscillator, substituting the Unison and Sync sections for Pan and Gain to facilitate spatial and level mixing and a pitch section for subtle to extreme voice detuning.


UVI Falcon | FM Oscillator
A four operator FM oscillator which can be used in either ratio or Hz modes and is arrangeable in one of 11 configurations. Additional operator controls include Fine Ratio/Freq Multiplier, Snap Ratio (which quantizes modulation frequencies to harmonics) and Start Phase.


UVI Falcon | NOISE Oscillator
A robust noise oscillator offers 15 unique noise shapes including Band, S&H, Static I, Static II, Violet, Blue, White, Pink, Brown, Lorenz, Rossler, Crackle, Logistic, Dust and Velvet. Dynamic shapes provide additional control such as Static Density and Logistic Chaos.


UVI Falcon | ORGAN Oscillator
A drawbar-style organ oscillator with 8 bars representing different harmonics traditionally used on pipe organs. ORGAN provides discrete Gain and Pan controls for each partial and a percussion section with Fast/Slow and Harmonic controls. Pair with the rotary effect for a classic organ sound.


UVI Falcon | PLUCK Oscillator
A physically inspired string synthesis module, Pluck utilizes both algorithmic and sample-based excitations to create rich harmonic sounds with natural decay. Choose from a selection of factory impulses or load your own samples, modulate sample start time and tune, adjust the initial excitation, coupling of multiple strings, and finally contribution of sample, synth and noise generators.


UVI Falcon | Texture Oscillator
A dual sample-based oscillator that allows you to create complex and varying textures using key-tracked filtering, mix, pitch, playback modes, stereo controls and randomness. Includes hundreds of built-in samples as a starting points for your sonic adventure.


UVI Falcon | ADDITIVE Oscillator
An easy-to-use additive oscillator inspired by classic subtractive synthesis, with additive twists like partial stretching, frequency shifting, fractional order filtering, even/odd harmonic control, continuous morph from square to saw and more...


UVI Falcon | WAVETABLE Oscillator
A fully-featured wavetable oscillator provides multiple phase distortion modes and a robust unison section with wave and stereo spread across up to 8 voices and FM support. Modulate the Wave Index to sweep through wavetables which can be chosen from a large selection of factory content. Wavetable can also import a variety of user files including WAV files (single or sequential), user tables or graphic image files which are converted pixel-rows to cycles, brightness to amplitude.


UVI Falcon | VOSIM Oscillator
A tribute to vintage vocal synthesis, VOSIM offers 2 different oscillator modes; Formant, and Phonem, providing dedicated controls for each synthesis type.


UVI Falcon | BOWED STRING Oscillator
A bow and string emulation, Bowed String provides in-depth control over numerous articulation modes, capable of creating a variety of tones.


3 mixable exciter sources (transient, texture, and noise) combine to drive a 6-channel resonator bank with per-channel control over course and fine tuning, and coupling.


At the heart of Falcon’s sample oscillators is a full-fledged sample editor allowing you to quickly make changes to your samples without moving to an external application. Crop, normalize, silence, reverse, add fades, or even bounce Falcon’s effects to your sample in place. Additionally, you can select multiple files and batch them all at once.


UVI Falcon | SAMPLE Oscillator
A no-frills workhorse sample oscillator, ideal for basic soundboards and traditional sample playback. The Sample display can be interactively resized and provides editing functions such as crop, normalize, silence, reverse and fade in/out along with the ability to apply any of Falcon's effects in-place. Due to Falcon’s ability to efficiently stream samples from disk you can manage tens of thousands of samples at once without a massive RAM footprint.


UVI Falcon | SLICE Oscillator
Ideal for rhythmic and percussive material, the Slice oscillator can divide samples into discrete keygroups to be resequenced. Adjust transient sensitivity manually or use embedded markers like those found in REX files. Drag-and-drop export of sliced file maps in a variety of ways including as a Falcon patch, discrete WAV files, or MIDI sequence.


UVI Falcon | STRETCH Oscillator
A realtime, low-CPU pitch-shifting sample oscillator. Stretch can adjust pitch up to ±2 octaves while maintaining sample duration. Freely adjust sample start time, playback mode and tempo analysis. Use the Solo Mode button to switch between discrete monophonic and polyphonic pitch-shifting algorithms.


UVI Falcon | IRCAM Granular Oscillator
IRCAM's premier granular oscillator, divides an audio sample into grains and recombines them for realistic pitch shifting or soundscape generation. Adjust Grain parameters such as Size, Density, Jitter, Position, Speed, Direction, Loop Mode, Pitch Variation and Correction Method.


UVI Falcon | IRCAM Multi Granular Oscillator
A multi-voice implementation of the IRCAM Granular oscillator which can be used to great effect to achieve a range of complex unison sounds. Includes the same control set from IRCAM Granular with an additional section to control voice quantity, position and spread.


UVI Falcon | IRCAM Stretch Oscillator
Similar to the Stretch oscillator, but implementing IRCAM's high-quality phase vocoder for time-stretching and pitch-shifting with transient and envelope preservation. Requires more processing power than the standard pitch-shifting algorithms used in other oscillators but with a significant quality improvement.


UVI Falcon | IRCAM Scrub Oscillator
Similar in use to IRCAM Granular, IRCAM Scrub offers random-access scrubbing, speed and directional control but uses the same top-quality algorithm found in IRCAM Stretch.


UVI Falcon | Effects
Falcon includes over 100 high-quality effects, categorized for easy navigation: Delays, Reverbs, Modulation, Filters, Equalizers, Amps and Stereo, Drive and Distortions, Dynamics, Analysis and the all-new Pitch. With effects suited for nearly every need from creative mangling to precise sound sculpting, mixing and analysis, Falcon provides a tremendous sound design facility.
Effects within Falcon can be instanced as sends on effect busses, at the program, layer or note level and allow for extensive control of your signal and an unrestricted approach to sound and instrument design. Additionally, effects can be racked in an EffectRack for parallel and multi-band processing, or as a central, reusable multi-effect with macro-driven controls.


Analog Tape Delay
An all-purpose delay effect inspired by classic analog delays using tape loops.
Dual Delay X
A versatile delay module with discrete channel controls for creating time-based effects. A sophisticated display visualizes changes to time, stereo and phase. Dual Delay X features built-in dispersion, diffusion, digital grit and tape saturation for a more polished sound out of the box.
Diffuse Delay
Diffuse Delay is an effect capable of morphing continuously from a pure single tap delay to a very long, dense, and lush bloom of echoes. Fantastic for scrambling voices or other instruments into an ambient wash of echoes.
Velvet Delay
Velvet delay is another take at morphing from a single tap delay to a smooth aura of echoes. Compared to Diffuse Delay, the emphasis is less on maximal diffuseness, but more on the smoothness of the pre and post echoes and precise control of the ratio between specular and diffuse reflections.
Tape Echo
A recreation of the famous 70’s tape delay.
Track Delay
A simple time-shifting of the input using a delay.


Spreads the signal over time, creating a simple yet versatile decay with reverb-like results.
A highly-optimized convolution-based reverb module. Includes a large library of factory impulses with support for user samples.
A versatile algorithmic reverb capable of producing an extremely broad range of spaces with a minimal control footprint. Uses the same engine as the stand-alone effect plugin.


Analog Chorus
A traditional chorus unit inspired by a vintage analog effect pedal.
Analog Flanger
A traditional flanger unit inspired by a vintage analog effect pedal.
Ensemble 505
An ensemble chorus effect inspired by the ensemble effect section of a popular vintage synthesizer.
A classic flanger effect, mixing the input signal against a variable time-delayed version of itself.
Freq Shifter
Shifts all frequencies in the spectrum by a set amount (Hz) for interesting morphing effects, widening, sound thickening and repitching inharmonic sounds like drums.
Granulizer can be thought of as the effect equivalent to Falcon’s granular oscillator, and is exceptional for creating pads, textures, and ambiance. Instead of splicing grains of sound taken from audio files, grains are extracted directly from audio in realtime. It is possible to shape sound in multiple ways for kaleidoscopic sound deconstruction and reconstruction.
A variable 12-order automatic phaser with LFO-based sweep between adjustable high and low frequencies. Visualizer displays filter shape at low and high frequency positions.
A vintage speaker emulation with highly-customizable cabinet and mic controls.
A variable 8-voice chorus effect specifically designed to reduce artifacts for enhanced depth and clarity.


Emulation of the classic MS VCF filter (rev-2), single version with HP / LP morphing
Dual VCF-20
Emulation of the classic MS VCF filter (rev-2), dual version with discrete LP and HP filters
Analog Filter
A unique filter inspired by the filter section on a popular American analog synthesizer.
Biquad Filter
The classic swiss-army knife multimode filter.
Brickwall Filter
A steep butterworth Lowpass or highpass filter with slope ranging from 24 to 96 dB/oct.
Comb Filter
A classic comb filter module. A time-delayed version of the input signal is fed back into self and added or subtracted.
Crossover Filter
A crossover filter with selectable low-pass, band-pass and high-pass modes and variable crossover frequency. Configure in EffectRack chains for multi-band processing.
Digital Filter
A multi-mode filter with variable slope ranging from 6 to 96 dB/oct, spread and keytracking.
Formant Crusher
A screaming lo-fi take on formant filtering, (ab)using a resonant filter and a bitcrusher to generate vocal formants; a perfect fit to spice up your talking basses!
Our take on the classic East Coast lowpass filter sound, capable of everything from smooth tones to ripping sweeps.
Lowpass 24
A classic 24 dB/octave ladder lowpass filter with resonance (order 4).
Lowpass 12
A classic 12dB/octave lowpass filter with resonance (order 2).
One Pole
A gentle and very efficient 6dB/octave lowpass or highpass filter. The most efficient of all filters by far.
Phasor Filter
A variable 12-order manual phaser with sweepable frequency and filter shape visualizer.
Rez Filter
A unique filter inspired the filter section on a popular Japanese analog synthesizer.
Sallen Key Filter
A circuit-modelled second-order single opamp nonlinear Sallen-Key lowpass filter with controllable asymmetric clipping and power supply starvation.
A MultiMode (LP, HP, BP, Peak, Notch) State Variable filter with optional built-in saturation.
UVI Filter
A filter that is continuously adjustable between low-pass and high-pass modes.
Vowel Filter
A dual-filter version of the classic talkbox effect.
A classic wah filter effect with manual control over the wah amount.
Xpander Filter
A multimode (37) variant on a 4th order ladder filter with built-in saturation and oversampling.


3 Band Shelf
A 3-band EQ divided as Low, Mid and High. The Mid band is a bell curve, while the Low and High bands are shelves.
Big Pi Tone
An emulation of the tone circuit in a popular fuzzbox guitar pedal.
A convolution processor specifically designed for emulating EQs and cabinets. Choose from a large selection of factory impulses. Supports user samples.
Digital EQ
A parametric EQ with up to 16 bands, variable filter shapes, L/R and M/S modes, interactive graphic display, transpose and keytracking.
Harmonic Resonator
The effect version of our resonator bank, offering 6-channels with coarse and fine tune, gain, coupling, key follow, and more.
A 2-shelf equalizer, inversely applying a low-shelf and a high-shelf.
Tone Stack
Emulates the tone control section found on many popular amplifier heads.


A classic autopanner, varies the stereo pan with an LFO.
A typical level-adjustment module, boost or cut the input signal level.
Gain Matrix
Sets the gain level and phase of each channel allowing for simple per-channel adjustments and specialized gain/phase transformations such as decoding M/S to stereo.
A classic tremolo effect, varies amplitude with an LFO.
UVI Wide
A specialized stereo width enhancer.


TS Overdrive
Drive-stage emulation of the Tube Screamer overdrive pedal with custom mods.
Analog Crunch
A classic crunch effect inspired by popular electric guitar effect pedals.
Diode Clipper
A complex circuit-modeled clipper with Tone and High Pass filtering controls.
A distortion effect with 3 different saturation modes and internal oversampling up to 16x.
A level-tracking saturation effect with selectable tape or tube distortion.
A classic fuzz effect inspired by guitar and bass effect pedals.
Guitar Boxes
A specialized convolution effect designed to emulate signal reamping. Emulates various amplifiers and the characteristics of subsequent capture microphones including dynamic, condenser and ribbon mics.
Magnetic Bass Shaper
(Ab)use the saturating hysteretic behaviour of famous inductors to shape and add punch to bass sounds (while leaving high frequencies clean).
A basic saturation effect.
Wave Shaper
A distortion effect with many saturation modes, input and output filters and internal oversampling up to 16x.


3 Band Compressor
A multi-band variant of the Compressor module with adjustable crossover frequencies.
3 Band Limiter
A multi-band variant of the Studio Limiter module with adjustable crossover frequencies.
Compressor Expander
A 2-stage dynamics processor, a compressor stage tames signal peaks over a variable threshold then an expander gates the signal below a second variable threshold.
Feedback Compressor
Feedback Compressor is a modern take on vintage compression. By focusing solely on feedback designs we wanted to retain the particular behavior and characteristics of old compressors, such as nonlinearly dependent time-constants, limited gain reduction (or very fast attacks but at the same time), full parametric control over the transfer function, soft-knee, makeup gain, and parallel compression.
A traditional gate effect, silencing signal below a variable threshold.
A look-ahead limiter with graphical timeline visualizer that displays dynamic range of the input and output signal.
Based on a classic hardware optical-compressor, Opal provides impressive realism thanks to deep physical modelling. 7 uniquely modeled flavors are available offering a range of useful characters.
Studio Limiter
A precision limiter ideally suited for individual parts or stereo mixes.


Phase Meter
Displays the input signals phase correlation. Mono signal is represented by a vertical bar. Out of phase stereo signal is represented by a horizontal bar.
Spectrum Analyzer
Displays the frequency content of the input signal. Frequency is mapped across the X-axis, amplitude along the Y-axis.
A chromatic tuner with needle-style meter, accurate to 1 cent increments. A helpful tool when adjust a sample's pitch with its keygroup Fine Tune parameter.


Creates a discrete, inline effect path controllable by a a customizable macro-driven interface and supports multiple chains. Feedback Machine now allows introduction of a feedback loop to your FX chain.
A 4-band distortion
A mid-side maximizer


Pitch Shifter and Harmonizer are simple and effective effects using the same pitch-shifting engine, ideal for sounds that have a dominant monophonic component but are not required to be exactly periodic.


A unique and versatile transient shaper with variable spread, frequency, order, and stages.
A resampling effect useful for emulating the lo-fidelity sound of various hardware units or extreme bit reductions, with an entirely redesigned algorithm for Analog Bit-crushing in Falcon 2.
A typical vinyl simulation effect outfitted with year, speed, wear, electrical and mechanical noise, dust and scratch simulations.


Dual Delay
A versatile delay module with with discrete channel controls for creating time-based effects. A sophisticated display visualizes changes to time, stereo and phase.
FX Delay
A stereo delay module with auto-panned stereo modulation.
Fat Delay
A delay effect utilizing multiple delay lines and diffusion to produce a dense delay tail.
Ping Pong Delay
A typical delay unit with additional stereo processing.
Simple Delay
A general purpose delay module with delay time, feedback, cutoff and mix parameters.
Stereo Delay
A delay module with discrete delay paths for the left and right channels.
2 Band EQ
A simple 2-band EQ with Low and High bands.
3 Band EQ
A simple 3-band EQ with Low, Mid and High bands. The Mid-band is adjustable while the Low and High bands have fixed frequency assignments.
8 Band EQ
An 8-band parametric EQ with variable filter shapes and an interactive graphical display.
Auto Wah
A typical wah pedal effect, with its filter frequency set automatically by the module's input level.
FX Filter
A two-stage filter effect, low-pass and high-pass applied in series.
Simulates the vowel shaping filtering found on classic talkbox effect pedals.
A standard dynamics compression module with Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release, Makeup Gain and Mix parameters.
A standard limiter module, compressing the input signal with higher ratios than those of the Compressor effect.
UVI Mastering
A precision mastering processor ideal for stereo mixes, such as Falcon's main outs. Provides a multi-band compression, limiter and tube saturation stage.
Gate Reverb
A reverb with a variable onset gate stage to abruptly cut the reverb tail.
Plain Reverb
A CPU-optimized general purpose reverb.
Predelay Verb
A standard reverb effect fed through a delay line.
Simple Reverb
A standard reverb effect fed by an optional low-pass or high-pass filter.
A classic chorus effect, mixing the input signal with multiple time- and pitch-modulated variations for a shimmering unison effect.
Cross Phaser
A phaser with an integrated auto-panner, produces a wider and more varied phasing effect.
A classic phaser effect, mixing the input signal with a phase-modulated version of itself.
Double Drive
A multi-stage effect made up of a filter sandwiched by two drive stages.
UVI Drive
A typical drive module with post-drive-stage UVI Filter.
Rotary Simple
A single-speaker emulation of a rotary speaker.
Rotary Speaker
A dual-speaker emulation of a rotary speaker with adjustable crossover.
Beat Repeat
Slices the incoming audio on a variable grid. When activated will repeat the most recent slice. Useful for glitch effects and variations in a live performance or looped samples.
Ring Modulator
Combines the input signal with a modulation frequency and both subtracts and adds the modulation frequency to the input frequency.
A ring modulator with additional modulation section.
UVI Destructor
A resampler and bit reducer with optional overdrive and filter stages.


Falcon includes 11 modulation generators including AHD, Analog ADSR, Attack Decay, DAHDSR, Drunk, LFO, Multi Envelope, Multi LFO, Parametric LFO, Smooth Random and Step Envelope. Modulation generators can be instanced at any level in a patch allowing them to control nearly any parameter, be it on an oscillator, effect or even on another modulator. This system allows you to paint motion into your sounds almost effortlessly, from subtle variation over time to complex on-demand sequences.
Every modulation generator in Falcon can store presets, providing a quick way to save and reuse configurations that you find useful. Falcon ships with over a thousand preset wave shapes for the Multi Envelope generator alone.


[Attack, Hold, Decay] envelope, a simpler variant of the DAHDSR envelope found on some classic synthesizers.
[Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release] envelope, emulates the decay characteristics of vintage hardware synthesizers and provides handy remapping tools to modulate attack with incoming note velocity or decay with note pitch.
[Attack, Decay] envelope, the most basic envelope in Falcon, useful for percussion and other sounds that don't require a sustain or release phase.
[Delay, Attack, Hold, Delay, Sustain, Release] envelope, an extension of the more common ADSR envelope, adds an additional Delay phase at the beginning and a Hold phase between Attack and Decay.
Generates a random walk signal which simulates the natural randomness of pitch and amplitude drift found in sustained notes.
[Low Frequency Oscillator] generates a cyclical modulation in one of the following waveshapes: sine, square, triangle, ramp up, ramp down, analog square, random s&h, chaos lorenz, chaos rossier. You can also draw your own custom wave shapes for precise control.
UVI Falcon | Multi Envelope and Multi LFO
A user-definable envelope that can be created with any number of points and interactive curve shapes by manually drawing or drag’n-dropping MIDI or audio files, including pitch, brightness and transient detection. Allows for long and highly-expressive modulation sequences and can be looped for LFO-like behavior.
Complex LFO with sine, triangle, square, saw, and random contribution.
UVI Falcon | Parametric LFO and Smooth Random
[Low Frequency Oscillator] generates a cyclical modulation using parametric control such as Shape, Symmetry, Pulse Width and Swing for a totally unique waveform that can evolve in real time.
Random LFO generator with smooth evolution.
A programmable pattern sequencer, can be tempo-synced to steps of musical division or set to discrete time values.


Falcon's Event section provides script-based control over pre-synthesis data, namely the manipulation, analysis or generation of MIDI notes and data. Event processors can do anything from arpeggiating incoming notes or strumming them like a guitar to applying micro tunings, playing back MIDI files or creating generative sequences. This MIDI can be used to control elements within Falcon, or routed to external software or hardware with MIDI Out.
UVI Falcon | Events


- Chord recognition: Name chord currently played
- Virtual Pitch: Real-time virtual pitch detection


- Tape Mod: Vary your pitch with wow and flutter emulation for a lo-fi vibe
- Ensemble: Play 5 voices using adjacent detuned sample-based key zone
- Note Pan: Generate pan values for each key pressed with fixed and random options
- Shepard: Shepard tone effect
- Timbre shifting: Use pitched adjacent sample-based key zone to change the instrument timbre
- Tremolo: Volume modulation
- Unison: Play up to 10 detuned voices
- Vibrato: Pitch modulation


- Chorder: Create up to 12-voice chords using shift with custom volume and pan
- Chord Bank: Create and assign chords to each MIDI key independently
- Scale: Snap notes of your MIDI input to a key and scale of your choice
- Tonal Harmonizer: Create chords using scale degrees
UVI Falcon | Events


- Portamento Stepped: Emulate brass stepped portamento behavior.
- Strum Wheel: Harp-like strumming using MIDI CC.
- Chord Strum: Strums between held notes with variable speed.
- Legato: Crossfade attack of legato-played keys for more realistic performance
- Modwheel Glissando: Use MIDI CC to strum pressed keys like a Harp
- Portamento: MIDI glide with fade time
- Strum: Play incoming MIDI notes like a guitar


- Balloons and Boids: Use laws of physics to create fun and unexpected sequences

Sequencing and Event Processing

- Arpeggiator: An advanced variation of the classic synthesizer effect, modifies incoming notes and plays them back in programmable patterns. Includes up to 128 steps of variable pitch, velocity and step length modulation, 26 playback modes, resolution from 1/64 tri to 32x and dozens of preset factory shapes.
- Cartesian Sequencer: Cartesian sequencer with discrete X/Y movement and auto randomizer.
- Chip Arp: Quickly create classic video game arpeggiations.
- Drum Sequencer: 8-part step sequencer with pan and pitch support
- Euclidean Drum Sequencer: 8-part sequencer based on euclidean distribution oriented towards drum instruments
- Euclidean Keys: Generate discrete euclidean-based sequences for each key in the chromatic scale.
- Euclidean Tonal Sequencer: 8-part sequencer based on euclidean distribution oriented towards tonal instruments
- Gate Mod: A probability-based utility providing step skipping (with beat protection), ratcheting, and delay (both with randomization).
- Gate Mod Bernoulli: A 2-channel probability-based A/B router with note learn.
- MIDI Player: MIDI file playback module
- Motion Grid: a logic-based grid sequencer driven by directional nodes
- Node Arp: a logic-based grid sequencer driven by active/passive nodes
- Ostinato Arp: Four arpeggiators in parallel creating rhythmic and hypnotizing patterns.
- Poly Gate Mod: An 8-channel version of Gate Mod with note learn.
- Polyphonic Seq: Polyphonic sequencer with one sequencer running per key pressed with volume, pan, pitch and timing support
- Probability Arp: Arp with chance-based octave, ratchet, skip, accent, direction, pan, and harmonization.
- Rain Sequencer: 12 note-based vertical sequencers with discrete speed, velocity, and pan modifiers.
- Slice Remixer: Quickly remix sliced loops to create new patterns.
- Snowflakes: a sequence modifier turning sustained notes into fluttery staccato
- Step Arp: Deeply customizable step-based arpeggiator with per-step probability and per-channel step length.
- Step Line: Bass line oriented sequencer
- Warp Sequencer: Generate chord-based sequences with hand-drawn speed curve.
- Waterfall: Arpeggios with a twist.
- Wave Sequencer: 12 note-based clocked event generators with poly aftertouch output.


- MIDI CC Smoother: slew, or smooth-out MIDI CC values over time
- MIDI Out: take control of external software/hardware directly from Falcon, at any point in your patch
- MIDI Record: Record events to a MIDI file with drag-n-drop support.
- MIDI Pitch Delay: Classic MIDI event delay with pitch drift support.
- MIDI Monitor: MIDI input monitor with event type filters.
- Velocity Test: Note velocity monitor with mono and poly modes.
- MPE: Helper for MPE controller
- Micro Tuner: Scala based module with keyboard mapping support
- Transpose, MIDI filter, … : Modules for quick MIDI remapping and filtering


UVI Falcon | Workflow
Falcon is built to be an efficient, versatile and powerful hybrid instrument. Its user interface is presented in a single and flexible window that is resizable to fit any screen size.
Editing is primarily done through the MAIN viewport, which is divided into 3 columns that facilitate navigation, editing and file/preset browsing.


The central columns EDIT tab provides a comprehensive visual representation of your entire instrument split into varying levels of detail from the Program (instrument) level all the way down to the keygroup (note) level. A Layer level resides between the two that lets you easily organize and modify selections of keygroups. Quickly focus your view with global and level-specific filters, collapse sections as needed and easily tab through modules for editing.


For a more data-driven approach the TREE and LIST tabs provide a perfect hierarchical view of your project, allowing for surgical editing of individual components or broad stroke editing of large selections.
UVI Falcon | TREE and LIST


Nearly every parameter in your instrument can be assigned to a macro. Macros live in a dedicated tab and can be freely arranged with an interactive graphical editor. Quickly create custom UIs for your instruments that suit your needs without any scripting knowledge. Macros can target as many parameters within your instrument as you like, allowing for the creation of powerful and unique controls.


The browser gives you immediate access to files, soundbanks, oscillators, effects, multi effects, modulators and events through dedicated tabs. Browse traditionally or use the search and favorites tagging command to instantly call up relevant results.


Falcon's mixer offers a typical mixing desk view of your project. Monitor and adjust channel gain, pan, mute, solo and effects and configure Aux channels. Quickly focus your view with channel and component-level filters.


A dedicated performance editor provides a birds-eye view of all loaded instruments' level, pan, pitch, IO, note response range, velocity range and keyswitch settings. Load your favorite instruments and map them across one or many controllers for a dynamic performance in moments.


Speed up editing and move around complex patches easily with Workspaces. Simply shift-click one of the 8 slots to snapshot the current UI configuration, then click to load.


With the new dedicated Mappers tab you can quickly find and edit these powerful modulation tools. From simple remapping to complex patterns and quantization, modulation mappers add a new dimension to Falcon’s already capable modulators.


Covering a range of setups including many types of synths, samplers, MPE and more, Program Templates are a fantastic way to jump-start your creative process. You can even create your own!


Falcon ships with an impressive collection of 1,500 factory patches designed by some of the industry's top sound designers. Covering everything from classic synthesis methods, percussion, physical modeling, sample-driven granular and multi granular soundscapes to multi-oscillator hybrids. The 1,500 presets were all created to an extremely high quality standard, delivering an extraordinary and hugely versatile selection of sounds right out of the box, each with crafted user interfaces and dedicated macro controls.
Categorically divided for easy browsing, Falcon's factory sounds provide deep performance and editing control via customized macros. Make broad-stroke changes to get the right feel and then fine tune the sound to fit your mix without ever leaving the macro panel. If a sound is close but still off, you can tab over to the Edit panel at any time for total control. Factory sounds can provide instant gratification or can be used as fuel for your own sound design.

Buy Falcon, get a

$100|100€ VOUCHER
As an added bonus, each Falcon license includes a $100 / 100€ voucher good towards the purchase of any soundbank or Falcon Expansion on Enhance your Falcon experience immediately with one of our premium instruments like PX Memories, Austrian Grand, Nagoya Harp or Key Suite Digital for a massive fuel injection to your new sampling workstation. With over 100 libraries available ranging from pristine acoustic instruments to rare vintage synths you’ll be sure to find a sonic ally that compliments your needs. (Voucher code delivered by email after registering Falcon)


Leveraging the advanced synthesis capabilities and software architecture of the UVI Engine, Falcon Expansions provide an immediate way to extend your library—delivering professional-grade presets fully-programmed with macros to allow immediate and intuitive playability of key parameters. Utilize MIDI, OSC, host automation and Lua scripting for expressive performance or dig in and customize your sounds with Falcon’s abundant effects and modulation options. Take your experience to the next level with these specially made expansion packs!
If you need more, Falcon is fully compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered instruments from a growing list of companies such as Acousticsamples, VI Labs and Virharmonic. From vintage synths, samplers and drum machines to immaculate grand pianos, choirs and orchestras, Falcon is your gateway into some of the world's most sophisticated and best sounding instruments.


Falcon | Tech Specs
At Falcon's heart is the UVI Engine XT™, a robust, reliable and CPU-efficient DSP powerhouse that's been constantly refined over the last 15 years. Leaned on by some of the largest names in pro audio, Engine XT provides a host of features that make Falcon one of the most flexible and feature-rich instruments on the market. What's happening under the hood has a significant effect on your experience.
Windows installer: 985 MB or Mac DMG: 1.1 GB
Factory Library: 1.1 GB (compressed ufs size)
Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Windows (10+), Mac (OS X 10.14+) on Intel or ARM M1, we've got you covered. Falcon's core has been optimized for efficient performance on all popular platforms and DAWs.
Native support for channel configurations from Mono to 10.2 and sample rates to 192 kHz and beyond. Whatever project requirements you encounter, rest assured Falcon can handle it.
Synthesis, sampling and effects all only operate on a native 64-bit core, able to handle extremely complex projects even if your hardware isn't new.
Falcon is compatible with expressive multi-dimensional controllers, offers comprehensive mapping support and factory presets designed especially for MPE devices.
Soundbanks (.ufs), AIFF, FLAC, MP3, MP4 (with QuickTime installed on Windows for MP3/MP4), REX1, REX2, SDII (on Mac), WAV, WAV64, SFZ, SND, CAF, EXS
Hybrid instruments can call on huge volumes of audio data which has historically translated to a memory black hole for production machines. That era isn't completely over, but it can be with Falcon. Stream audio files of any size, even lossless, instantly.
Import audio files of nearly any format, bit depth or sample rate regardless of your project settings. Falcon's on-the-fly resampling provides a seamless 'it just works' sample experience.
Falcon uses iLok License Manager for authorization and includes 3 activations per license. Authorizations can be stored on computer hard drive or iLok dongle. Initial activation requires an iLok account (free) and an active internet connection.
Rest assured that your projects will continue to stay viable on modern hosts and operating systems well into the future. A core effort with tens of thousands of development hours and a huge user base behind it, you can relax knowing updates will roll out consistently and you'll always have a technical edge.
10 power-features you
should know about Falcon 3
Falcon 2.8
Texture Oscillator


UVI Falcon | Richard Devine
"Falcon is an incredible synthesis playground for sound design, which has a super-powerful voice architecture that is extremely versatile. The sonic results are stunning, and it has become part of my permanent arsenal here at the studio!"
Richard Devine
Electronic Musician, Producer & Sound Designer
UVI Falcon | The Glitch Mob
"Falcon is one of our secret weapons for mind-bending synth design. When we need something super dynamic and exciting, nothing compares."
The Glitch Mob
LA-based Electronic Trio
UVI Falcon | Dash Berlin
"Falcon is everything you can imagine, plus more. If creativity was a plug in, this is what it looks like."
Dash Berlin
Award-winning Dutch Electronic Band
(Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, BT, Usher, N.E.R.D., Lenny Kravitz, Junkie XL, Mylo)
UVI Falcon | Fernando Garibay
"I've been using UVI and now Falcon on everything I work on. UVI has done an incredible job of capturing true character and tone accurately, without compromise. Their sound libraries are so good that I have a difficult time telling my analogue synths apart from the UVI versions. I've won awards using UVI products; I hope you will too!"
Fernando Garibay
Grammy Award Winning Producer, Songwriter, DJ
(Lady Gaga, Sia, U2, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston)
UVI Falcon | Thys
"Falcon is a powerful and thoroughly modern sampler, with a much more intuitive and modern interface compared to the competitors I've worked with. I love the flexibility and interface of the tuning mechanism, it's really nice to work with non-standard tuning in this program."
One third of Noisia
UVI Falcon | Carpenter Brut
"UVI have created a truly demonic tool with almost infinite possibilities!"
Carpenter Brut
French Synthwave Artist
Why is UVI Falcon the most powerful plugin?
by Benn Jordan
Falcon 3 - A nicely crafted instrument!
by Emlyn In The Mix
Falcon 3 Has Landed! | Live from Paris with the devs
by Venus Theory
Falcon | Computer Music
"Capable of generating and processing a vast array of sounds, Falcon is a very big, powerful bird indeed [...] Falcon is an ambitious, powerful instrument of a type that certainly doesn't come along every day."
Falcon | MusicTech
"The limitless sound design options offered by Falcon result in a formidable collection of factory presets, packed to the gunnels with classic synth staples and inspirational, ear-popping sounds that few other synths could create."
Falcon | Producer Spot
"UVI’s Falcon is an awesome instrument to have in your repertoire and I say instrument because this is more than just your standard soft synth this is actually an instrument!"
Falcon | Electronic Musician
"With comprehensive synthesis features, an onboard sample editor, and a collection of presets that will knock your shoes and socks off, Falcon is the new alpha dog in town."
Falcon | GearSpace
"Falcon can be complex if you want it to be, but even then it manages to provide a very slick of dealing with overly-complicated patches and make them easy enough to digest."
Falcon | Ask Audio
"Falcon is an astonishing instrument. It comes with a lot of excellent presets covering all sorts of categories and styles, and is especially adept at multi-layered and evolving sounds."
Falcon | Musicradar
"With 15 Oscillator types onboard (seven sampling and eight synthesis), Falcon gives access to a massive palette of sound sources."
Falcon | Sound on Sound
"Falcon’s vast array of effects and processors are very impressive…almost every tracking, mixing and mastering effect/processor that one can imagine is present in some form or other."
Falcon | Bedroom Producers Blog
"Falcon is quite literally the “be-all end-all” hybrid instrument, which has not only measured up to every single one my lofty expectations, but has surpassed them by a hundredfold."
Falcon | Audiofanzine
"Falcon propose un univers de synthèse très intéressant, intégrant de multiples sources et traitements, qui peut être un très bon moyen d’entrée dans un monde multi-synthèse."
Falcon | Film and Game Composers
"With all these tools provided, it is hard to justify any other software snythesiser or sampler. Falcon can nearly replace them all, and I personally find myself using it more and more often."
Falcon | Pro Tools Expert
"It's like music production painting by numbers. I can use my UVI libraries, dig into synthesis and sampling, it can all be done here within Falcon."
Falcon | Audiofanzine
Falcon | FLStudioMusic
"This beast of software breathes new life into the world of music creation, and opens doors to a new generation of virtual instruments."
Falcon | Audio News Room
"If you can imagine a sound you can probably create it with Falcon."

User Testimonials

"I am totally gobsmacked at the depth and creativity of Falcon."Krzysztof S.
"Falcon is just what is needed to stimulate ideas and give me a huge range for creating my unique instruments and sounds."Larry G.
"Thank you for this wonderful instrument in my studio arsenal."Miquiel B.
"I'm really excited about scripting for Falcon, just bought what you would consider the best plug-in ever made!"David C.
"Finally. The Mother of all Plugins."Aloysius, KVR
"The more I work with this synth the more I see that it's a bottomless pit limited only by your imagination."Wagtunes, KVR
"Falcon is deep. Quite powerful. The FX are really nice in this. that delay. It's crazy. Can be super weird and funky. Nice synthesis options. It's an "everything AND the kitchen sink" instrument. Sound design beast"MuffWiggler, GearSpace
"Just got this and spent the whole evening going through the presets, there are some fantastic sounds that come with this."Danhandan, KVR
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