Discover our partners sample libraries made for Falcon and the free UVI Workstation, and powered by UVI Engine.

ACOUSTICSAMPLES >> AcousticSamples website
B-5 Organ
The B-5 Organ is the only sample-based organ that uses synthesis techniques. You get the best of both worlds; real recorded organ tone and behavior, access to the versatility of drawbar controls and the unparalleled tweakability of synthesis. With accurate measurements and an advanced rotary speaker simulation, the B-5 Organ is one of the most realistic organ instrument ever made.
C7 Grand
EXPRESSIVE E >> Expressive E website
With Touché and the Mercury expansion, you will explore dance music genres within one gesture. One sound can take you from heavy basses of trap music straight into the realm of electronic dance music’s "taser" leads.
A misty arp can turn into rhythmic synth chords, and a soft pluck can become an aggressive stab, with just a touch of your hands. From Deadmau5 to Major Lazer, from DJ Snake to Avicii, the Mercury expansion takes inspiration in today’s greatest stadium-filling hits.
PSOUND >> PSound website
Vintage Accordion
Vintage Accordion is a virtual instrument based on a vintage Italian accordion made in Castelfidardo (Italy) in the ‘60s. Paolo Principi developed it after a deep study into this instruments special sound and its expressive variations. Vintage Accordion delivers 1,300 looped waveforms, 7 accordion registers, 4 velocity layers, 2 round robins for each note, key-on and key-off noises and more for a real accordion sound.
THE BOB MOOG FOUNDATION >> Moog Foundation website
Encore Soundbank
Inspired by a legend, infused with signature sounds, for a cause we can all support. This stylized, universally compatible virtual instrument delivers over 220 provocative new sounds from a host of classic instruments, produced and donated by 29 renowned synthesists and sound designers for only $99. All proceeds donated directly to the Bob Moog Foundation.
Help the Foundation inspire kids through education programs based on Bob Moog's life's work at the intersection of science, music, and technology.
VI LABS >> VI Labs website
If the same industry standard piano tones have worn out their welcome and you're looking for the truly unique, Ravenscroft 275 may be the one. Made entirely of samples, with deep playability, Ravenscroft 275 is in a class all its own. A single piano that works for all styles of playing and music, a virtual piano you can emotionally connect with like never before: Ravenscroft 275 by VI Labs.
True Keys American
True Keys Italian
True Keys German
VIRHARMONIC >> Virharmonic website
Bohemian Violin
Virharmonic provides a new approach to virtual instruments. Due to the quantity and many types of samples recorded, Virharmonic developed a virtual performer to handle the articulation and bow selection dynamically as you play. This allows you to concentrate on playing and being inspired in a similar fashion to how you would be inspired by working with a real violinist. Virtual Performer will be continuously updated with additional performance types as we expand on the system, making this a one of the kind library. All you need is a velocity sensitive keyboard, a machine that fits the minimum specs and a melody in mind. The first in Virharmonic’s new Soul Capture series.
Voices of Prague
Soloists of Prague
Czech Boys Choir
WHOLE SOUNDS >> Whole Sounds website
1954 Baldwin Parlor Grand
The 1954 Baldwin Parlor Grand is a detailed recreation of a classic American-built R series Baldwin. Four mic perspectives deliver a sound that can be crisp & bright, distant & dark, or anywhere in between. Extensive controls include custom eq, compression, convolution reverb, key release & pedal noise samples, and more.

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