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The Essential Vintage Digital Keys Collection

Back in the ‘80s many synth manufacturers began releasing keyboards and modules dedicated to acoustic and electric piano sounds. The most iconic of these instruments was the Roland MKS-20 expander, which introduced the SAS (Structured / Adaptive Synthesis) sound engine. These instruments weren’t perfect, especially by modern standards, but at the time it was incredible to have real, playable keys in a light and portable unit. Digital sampling has advanced tremendously since those days making these units largely obsolete, but we love their lo-fi sound. Something about early digital sampling makes them unique, even today. Old-school, a bit cheesy and a far-cry from today’s instruments, but familiar and full of character - the sounds of these vintage digital modules from the ’80s and ’90s is close to our hearts, and now preserved forever.

Exceptional instruments with real character

Every instrument in Key Suite Digital has its own sound and unique character, and that’s part of what makes this collection so special. Each instrument delivers a unique lo-fi sound from the early days of digital sampling and synthesis, bringing your music to life with characterful, vintage sounds. Key Suite Digital includes the full selection of sounds that made these modules great, including acoustic and electric pianos, clavs, vibraphones, harpsichords, organs and more.

Deeply-sampled with the finest equipment

These instruments may sound lo-fi but we’ve worked hard to capture them in the finest quality and create the most reliable engine we can. Applying our 20+ years experience in the field you’ll hear the difference right away, from the choices in hardware processing, cables and converters, to the natural response and reliable playability from careful editing; we’ve gone the distance to ensure Key Suite Digital delivers ‘that’ sound right from the start.
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Professional sound at your fingertips

Great instruments and recordings are only the beginning, with Key Suite Digital we’ve created a library that delivers not only faithful sound but a fast and flexible interface for sculpting it in any way you need. We’ve even included a professional-grade effect rack with impulse response processor, multi-band EQ, digital delay, multimode modulation, and reverb so that you can get creative without the need for additional plugins. Get started with the finely crafted factory presets and easily tweak them to fit your mix and follow your creative impulse.
UVI Key Suite Digital | Mini White Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | Mini White
UVI Key Suite Digital | Nano P Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | Nano P
UVI Key Suite Digital | PERformance Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | PERformance
UVI Key Suite Digital | Sampled Piano Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | Sampled Piano
UVI Key Suite Digital | King SG Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | King SG
UVI Key Suite Digital | TheMicro Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | TheMicro
UVI Key Suite Digital | The Eighty Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | The Eighty SG
UVI Key Suite Digital | The Twenty Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | The Twenty
UVI Key Suite Digital | Digital 330 Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | Digital 330
UVI Key Suite Digital | TXPiano Logo
UVI Key Suite Digital | TXPiano
  • Key Suite Digital | Mini White GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | Nano P GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | PERformance GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | Sample Piano Module GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | King SG GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | TheMicro GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | TheEighty GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | The Twenty GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | Digital 330 GUI
  • Key Suite Digital | TXPiano GUI
Key Suite Digital delivers a fantastic collection of vintage digital keys, full of the technical imperfections and lo-fi flavor that gives these units their distinct old-school character.


Size: 19.78 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 84.05 GB in WAV)
Content: 10 Instruments, 28,852 Samples, 196 Presets
Sample Resolution: 44.1 kHz. Recording at 88.2 kHz
License: 3 activations per license on any combination of machines or iLok dongles
  • Runs in UVI Workstation version 3.0.5+, and Falcon version 1.6.6+
  • iLok account (free, dongle not required)
  • Internet connection for the license activation
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    - Mac OS X 10.8 to macOS 10.14 Mojave (64-bit)
    - Windows 8 to Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • 20 GB of disk space
  • Hard Drive: 7,200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 4GB RAM (8 GB+ highly recommended for large UVI Soundbanks)
Supported Formats: Audio Unit, AAX, VST, Standalone
Tested and Certified in: Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic 9+, Cubase 7+, Nuendo 6+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6+, Maschine 1+, Tracktion 4+, Vienna Ensemble Pro 5+, Reaper 4+, Sonar X3+, MainStage 3, MuLab 5.5+, FL Studio, Bitwig 1+, Reason 9.5+



UVI Key Suite Digital | Antonio Dixon
"There’s nothing quite like being able to access some nostalgia in music. Key Suite Digital gives you just that. It’s amazing!"
Antonio Dixon | Grammy Award Winning Producer & Songwriter
(Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Toni Braxton, Aretha Franklin, Justin Bieber,...)
UVI Key Suite Digital | Didier Davidas
"I discovered Key Suite Digital while creating a demo for UVI, and I am always taken aback by the sound quality! Big congrats!"
Didier Davidas | Keyboardist & Musical Director
(St Germain, Abd Al Malik, Le Grand Méchant Zouk)
Key Suite Digital | SoundBytes Magazine
"It’s one of the most useful sets of basic keyboard timbres I’ve ever encountered. This set is a no-brainer."
Key Suite Digital | Sample Library Review
"Load any patch of this library and you’ll instantly have a great, genuine sound to fit any production!"
Key Suite Digital | MusicNation
"Fantastic sound quality, good selection of instruments and well-optimised performance."
Key Suite Digital | John Mike
Key Suite Digital: All the top modules and keyboards from the 80's

User Testimonials

"The entire range of instruments included in this beautifully re-created suite is just gorgeous! This entire suite captures the essence of these beautiful instruments!"
Rick Sr, Sweetwater
"Awe-inspiring! Instant buy !"
PR, YouTube
"I love the sounds choice, really good and inspiring."
ccarreira, VI-Control
"This collection is amazing. I'm so glad I bought it."
Jim H., Facebook
"Bought it a few days ago and I just love it!"
Dark Side of Synth, YouTube
"Was great getting this library!"
Daniele S., YouTube
Roland, Alesis, Akai, Yamaha, Korg, Kurzweil, MKS-20, SG1-D, SG-01P, Nano Piano, Micro Piano Proformance, TX1P, P300, MK80 & ESPM are trademarks of their respective owners. UVI is not affiliated or endorsed by any entities listed here.
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