Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCAsyncTaskAn Asyncronous task
|oCAsyncBrowseForFileTaskAn Asyncronous task that browses for a file on disk
|\CAsyncMidiFileLoadTaskAn Asyncronous task that load a MIDI file
oCElementCommon Elements base class
|oCAuxEffectAuxilliary Bus Container for multiple InsertEffect
|oCBusRouterBusRouter Structrure that hold the aux send level as well as the pre/post flag
|oCControlSignalSourceModulation source
|oCEventProcessorEvent processor
|oCInsertEffectInsert FX Generic structrure that define an insert FX
|oCKeygroupA range of keys and velocities
|oCLayerA layer of sounds
|oCOscillatorThe Synthesis primitive
|oCPartA Part
|oCProgramA Patch that represent an monotimbral instrument
|oCSignalConnectionConnection definition for a modulation
|\CSynthThe Master Element in the synthesis tree
oCEventEvent types
oCMapperPredefined mapper types
oCMidiEventA Midi Event
oCMidiSequenceA Midi sequence that represent a midi file
oCUnitPredefined unit types
\CWidgetWidget base class
 oCAudioMeterAudioMeter widget
 oCFileSelectorFileSelector widget
 oCImageImage widget
 oCLabelText label widget
 oCPanelPanel widget
 oCParamWidgetBase class for ParamWidget
 |oCButtonStateless transient button
 |oCKnobKnob widget
 |oCMenuMenu widget
 |oCMultiStateButtonMultiStateButton widget
 |oCNumBoxNumeric spinner label
 |oCOnOffButton2 states boolean button
 |\CSliderHorizontal or vertical slider widget
 oCTableTable widget
 oCViewportViewport widget
 \CXYXY widget