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MultiStateButton Class Reference

MultiStateButton widget. More...

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Public Member Functions

int addItem (string name)
 add a menu item. More...
void clear ()
 clear the menu entries.
string getText ()
 MultiStateButton (string name, table entries)
 creates a menu widget on the user inteface. More...
void setItem (int index, string name)
 setItem text for given index. More...
void setValue (number value, bool callChangedCallback=true)

Public Attributes

number alpha
 transparency value between 0.0 and 1.0
string backgroundColour
 background colour: colour string that defines the desired colour. It can be either a named colour like "blue" or "red" or an hexadecimal string in RGB ("#FF00CC") or ARGB ("#3C00FECD") format
string backgroundImage
 path to the background image strip
table bounds
 widget bounding rect {x,y,width,height}
function changed
 callback function used by child widgets to be notified of changes
string displayName
 widget display name
bool enabled
 boolean flag to enable / disable the widget
int height
 widget height in pixels
bool interceptsMouseClicks
 boolean flag to toggle mouse handling on widget
int length
 size of the menu
Mapper::Type mapper
 Mapper type, default is Mapper.Linear.
string name
 widget name
int paramId
 paramter id
bool persistent
 flag to tell if the widget values should be serialized when saving. True by default. Persistent widgets will call their changed function on reload
table position
 widget position {x,y}
int selected
 selected index
string selectedText
 selected text
bool showLabel
 show widgets label if any
table size
 widget size {width, height}
string text
 selected text
string textColour
 text colour: colour string that defines the desired colour. It can be either a named colour like "blue" or "red" or an hexadecimal string in RGB ("#FF00CC") or ARGB ("#3C00FECD") format
string tooltip
 widget tooltip, default is name
Unit::Type unit
 Unit type, default is Unit.Generic.
int value
 selected index
bool visible
 boolean flag to toggle widget visibility
int width
 widget width in pixels
int x
 x position in pixels
int y
 y position in pixels

Detailed Description

MultiStateButton widget.

creates a multi-state button widget on the user inteface.

m = MultiStateButton("Multi", {"one", "two", "three"})
m.changed = function(self)
print("multi state changed:", self.value, self.selectedText)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MultiStateButton::MultiStateButton ( string  name,
table  entries 

creates a menu widget on the user inteface.

namethe name to give to the widget
entries(optional) array of strings to be displayed in the menu

Member Function Documentation

int MultiStateButton::addItem ( string  name)

add a menu item.

namenew menu item text
index of new menu item
void MultiStateButton::setItem ( int  index,
string  name 

setItem text for given index.

indexmenu item index to change
namenew menu item text
void MultiStateButton::setValue ( number  value,
bool  callChangedCallback = true 
valuethe new widget's value
callChangedCallbackcall the changed callback function if true
string MultiStateButton::getText ( )
the currently selected text.