Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCAsyncBrowseForFileTaskAn Asyncronous task that browses for a file on disk
oCAsyncMidiFileLoadTaskAn Asyncronous task that load a MIDI file
oCAsyncTaskAn Asyncronous task
oCAudioMeterAudioMeter widget
oCAuxEffectAuxilliary Bus Container for multiple InsertEffect
oCBusRouterBusRouter Structrure that hold the aux send level as well as the pre/post flag
oCButtonStateless transient button
oCControlSignalSourceModulation source
oCDnDAreaDnDArea widget
oCElementCommon Elements base class
oCEventEvent types
oCEventProcessorEvent processor
oCFileFormatPredefined format file types
oCFileSelectorFileSelector widget
oCImageImage widget
oCInsertEffectInsert FX Generic structrure that define an insert FX
oCKeygroupA range of keys and velocities
oCKnobKnob widget
oCLabelText label widget
oCLayerA layer of sounds
oCMapperPredefined mapper types
oCMenuMenu widget
oCMidiEventA Midi Event
oCMidiSequenceA Midi sequence that represent a midi file
oCMultiStateButtonMultiStateButton widget
oCNumBoxNumeric spinner label
oCOnOffButton2 states boolean button
oCOscillatorThe Synthesis primitive
oCPanelPanel widget
oCParamWidgetBase class for ParamWidget
oCPartA Part
oCProgramA Patch that represent an monotimbral instrument
oCSignalConnectionConnection definition for a modulation
oCSliderHorizontal or vertical slider widget
oCSynthThe Master Element in the synthesis tree
oCTableTable widget
oCUnitPredefined unit types
oCViewportViewport widget
oCWidgetWidget base class
\CXYXY widget