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Knob Class Reference

Knob widget. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Knob (string name, number def, number min, number max, bool integer)
 creates a knob widget on the user inteface. More...
void setRange (number min, number max)
void setStripImage (string imagePath, int numImages)
void setValue (number value, bool callChangedCallback=true)

Public Attributes

number alpha
 transparency value between 0.0 and 1.0
table bounds
 widget bounding rect {x,y,width,height}
function changed
 callback function used by child widgets to be notified of changes
number default
 the widget's default value
string displayName
 widget display name
string displayText
 custom text to display in place of the standard value display. To revert to the standard behaviour, leave it empty.
bool enabled
 boolean flag to enable / disable the widget
string fillColour
 fill colour. It can be either a named colour like "blue" or "red" or an hexadecimal string in RGB ("#FF00CC") or ARGB ("#3C00FECD") format
int height
 widget height in pixels
bool interceptsMouseClicks
 boolean flag to toggle mouse handling on widget
Mapper::Type mapper
 Mapper type, default is Mapper.Linear.
number max
 the widget's maximum value
number min
 the widget's minimum value
string name
 widget name
string outlineColour
 outline colour. It can be either a named colour like "blue" or "red" or an hexadecimal string in RGB ("#FF00CC") or ARGB ("#3C00FECD") format
int paramId
 parameter id
bool persistent
 flag to tell if the widget values should be serialized when saving. True by default. Persistent widgets will call their changed function on reload
table position
 widget position {x,y}
bool showLabel
 show widgets label if any
bool showPopupDisplay
 show/hide the value popup display (if any)
bool showValue
 show/hide value display
table size
 widget size {width, height}
string stripImage
 path to knob strip image
string tooltip
 widget tooltip, default is name
Unit::Type unit
 Unit type, default is Unit.Generic.
number value
 the widget's value
bool visible
 boolean flag to toggle widget visibility
int width
 widget width in pixels
int x
 x position in pixels
int y
 y position in pixels

Detailed Description

Knob widget.

creates a knob widget on the user inteface.

k = Knob("knob", 0.5, 0.0, 1.0, false)
k.changed = function(self)
print("knob changed", self.value)
Chorder.lua, Ensemble.lua, InvertPitch.lua, legato.lua, monoBassLine.lua, portamento.lua, TimbreShifting.lua, tremolo.lua, Unison.lua, and vibrato.lua.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Knob::Knob ( string  name,
number  def,
number  min,
number  max,
bool  integer 

creates a knob widget on the user inteface.

namethe name to give to the widget
defdefault and initial value
minminimum value
maxmaximum value
integer(optional) default is false

Member Function Documentation

void Knob::setValue ( number  value,
bool  callChangedCallback = true 
valuethe new widget's value
callChangedCallbackcall the changed callback function if true
void Knob::setRange ( number  min,
number  max 
minminimum value
maxmaximum value
void Knob::setStripImage ( string  imagePath,
int  numImages 
imagePathpath to knob strip image
numImagesnumber of images in strip