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A History of Synthesis at Your Fingertips

Imagine having dozens of the most rare and sought after synths, samplers and drum machines. A truly massive collection of vintage gear, with over 5 decades of sound innovation at your fingertips. With Vintage Vault it’s yours. Instantly call up your favorite vintage gear, be inspired by the unmistakable authenticity of real hardware samples and tweak the sounds to perfection through intuitive user interfaces designed in homage of their hardware counterparts.

With Vintage Vault you get access to a comprehensive collection of UVI vintage series instruments, covering the history of synthesis from analog to digital and everywhere in-between. Get the authentic tones you’ve been craving at a price that can’t be beat!

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Vintage Vault

UVI Engine

Real Circuits, Real Sound

No emulations here—all UVI vintage series instruments start with the real thing. Extensive sampling of the highest quality combined with the award-winning UVI Engine XT™ give you all the character and soul of real hardware instruments with the ease, efficiency and control provided by modern software. All presets were expertly crafted by our sound design team starting with real hardware instruments—what you get here is truly the best of both worlds. Take your productions to the next level with the raw sound and uncompromising quality of UVI Instruments.

Vintage Vault

Where Inspiration and Creativity Meet

Lush pads from that monster 80’s analog polyphonic synth? Done. Crisp bells from that ultra-rare FM synth? Done. Evolving soundscapes from that famous vector synth? Done. What about all of those obscure drum machines from the 80’s? Done (and we have the big name ones too). Whether you’re looking for an iconic sound from your favorite vintage pop-song or film score, or you want to design your own sounds from scratch with these rare machines, you’ll never run out of inspiration or creative options.

Streamlined Interfaces

Vintage Vault

All UVI instruments use a common architecture, meaning that regardless of whether it’s a wavetable synth, monophonic analog or tape-based sampler, once you become familiar with a single UVI instrument you can operate them all. This streamlined control schema coupled with clean, intuitive user interfaces translates to less time digging in manuals and more time being creative.

Vintage Vault

Extreme Versatility

Vintage Vault instruments run in both UVI Workstation and Falcon. UVI Workstation provides an unlimited multi-timbral environment with built-in arpeggiator, mixer, aux busses and a vast library of studio-grade effects, completely free. Falcon offers the premier experience, including all of the features found in UVI Workstation and much, much more. An extremely deep and powerful hybrid instrument, Falcon comes equipped with vast sound generation, sculpting and modulation facilities in an ergonomic and highly-adaptable user interface. Both UVI Workstation and Falcon come in stand-alone and plug-in formats and are compatible with all major DAWs for both Mac and Windows.

Vintage Vault
Vintage Vault

Fast and Flexible

Thanks to UVI’s advanced compression system, Vintage Vault requires only 63 GB of drive space. This not only saves you time on installation and storage, it translates to dramatically faster load times in the studio. UVI’s flexible licensing system allows for authorization on 3 systems concurrently, allowing you to work where you want, when you want, without worrying about moving dongles or reauthorizing.

Incredible Value

Vintage Vault

Everyone knows that vintage gear is expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. With each passing year these instruments become even more obscure. Vintage Vault gives you the authentic sound of the hardware without worrying about rising costs, space, maintenance, complex menus or workflow integration. Every piece of gear is ready when you want it, perfectly in tune, perfectly recorded, and preserved for all time.

Vintage Vault is a true sound archive, giving you the very best of what these machines have to offer at an incredible value—a savings of over 70% compared with buying the individual UVI instruments (valued at over $1,900).

Simple, Flexible Authorization

License on your computer or iLok key, use your software on up to 3 devices concurrently

UVI | Authorization

Included Instruments:

UVI Vintage Vault | Darklight IIx

Darklight IIx

3 Instruments Inspired by the Ultimate 80’s Digital Workstation
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Digital Synsations

Digital Synsations

4 Instruments inspired by 1990's digital synths such as the Korg M1 and the Ensoniq VFX
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Emulation II

Emulation II

Classic 80’s 12-bit Sounds and Drum Machine
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Emulation One

Emulation One

Classic 80’s 8-bit Sounds and Drum Machine
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Mello


The Origins of Sampling—a Sound that Shaped the 60's
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | String Machines

String Machines

11 Vintage String Synths in 1
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | The Beast

The Beast

3 Instruments Inspired by the Cadillac of FM Synths
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | UltraMini


Revered Analog Monos from 1973 and 2011
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | UVX-3P


Inspired by the Huge Analog Sound of a famous Japanese synth
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | UVX-10P


The Glory of 80’s Analog Polyphony, Inspired by three Japanese classics
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Vector Pro

Vector Pro

3 Instruments Inspired by the Sequential Prophet VS and Yamaha SY22
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Vintage Legends

Vintage Legends

6 Instruments inspired by the Yamaha CS Series and DX1, Elka Synthex, Rhodes Chroma and DK Synergy
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | WaveRunner


7 Instrument Retrospective of Wavetable Synthesis
Learn more

UVI Vintage Vault | Beat Box Anthology

Beat Box Anthology

Deep sampling of 80 classic drum machines
Learn more

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  • Size : 63 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 116 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : Vintage Synth Bundle
  • Content : 36 instruments, 5,000+ presets
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz, recording at 96 kHz

Product Manuals

Vintage Vault User Guides 
UVI Workstation User Guide 

Technical Specifications

Supported Formats, Supported Operating Systems, Hard Drive, Requirements, Tested and Certified DAW : Check here

Installation Guide

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Henrik P

Incredible collection!

The amount of high quality inspirational sounds that this package provides is just mind boggling.
Decades of synth history represented with gorgeous easy to use interfaces.
Now this is not for the purists who want a perfect emulation of the original hardware. But for those who just want warm rich heart melting sounds to infuse our music with, this is it!

  • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.
Justin H

Crack the Vintage Vault

There seems to be an bottomless well of starting points to choose from. Each instrument allows enough flexibility to start with a sound and tweak it until it sounds like something totally unique. The sounds are very high quality, and take to plugin processing very well. It's hard to imagine needing more synths after UVI Vintage Vault. I feel like I got my synth collection covered.

  • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.
George W

George Ware Mac Money Studio Owner/Producer

I upgraded to the Vintage Vault if you are into Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul anything with analog synths! This is a MUST HAVE!!!

  • 10 out of 11 people found this review useful.
Bas d

Septic Underground

Very good sounding library, with lots of presets to choose from. Neat user interface, that resembles the old gear it is based on. Heaps of content and the FX are very useable aswell.

  • 10 out of 10 people found this review useful.
Ryu H




  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Vintage Vault

Vintage Vault

The ultimate vintage synth collection — a comprehensive collection of vintage synths, samplers and drum machines in one bundle at an incredible price

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