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In Conversation With Jon Carin
In Conversation With Jon Carin
As a renowned musician, singer, songwriter and producer, Jon Carin has collaborated and performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Join us in this new UVI Focus article to explore his background and favorite playing field. From studio sessions to live performances, discover how Jon Carin uses software instruments and plugins to elevate his productions.
Can you introduce yourself and let us know your background?

My name is Jon Carin. I am from the USA. Location latitude and longitude coordinates approximately : 40.730610, -73.935242.
I am the son of educators. My love for music started in early childhood, and it soon became apparent there was only one road available to me as a life choice, so I’m very grateful so far I’ve managed to eke out a life for my family through this adventure. I am self taught with the exception of synthesis, musique concrete and tape manipulation, which I was taught from a master called Henry Sweitzer in my grade school beginning at age 12, miraculously, on a Synthi AKS, two TEAC tape machines (2340 & 3340), a TEAC 2a mixer, an editing block, a razor blade, Advent speakers and a Dynacord amp.

You're a very versatile musician, playing live and in the studio, composing, arranging and scoring. What's your favorite playing field?

Thank you.
Ironically, my real & initial interest was and is the recording studio and all its unlocked potential, but I’ve spent so much of my life playing live, which I’ve now grown to love. But there have been many records I helped make from Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Bryan Ferry, Psychedelic Furs, Pete Townshend etc that were interesting & fulfilling experiences, too.

You’ve played with many legendary musicians: Bryan Ferry, Pink Floyd, The Who... Which of them has had the greatest impact on the way you work and approach music?

I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to play with such extraordinary people, when I read the list it seems quite overwhelming. All of them have imparted their wisdom either spoken or unspoken.
The highlights are most definitely Kate Bush, Pete Townshend & Roger Waters who are all masters of songwriting with a supernatural gift for framing their work in the most nuanced and artistic way.

What is your relationship to software instruments and plugins? Do you only use them in the studio, or live and on tour too?

I see software no differently to hardware and many crossovers in technology. They are all tools. I can coerce warmth from digital, so I don’t experience the issues others use as an argument towards using only analog. I love creatively designed plugins and use them alongside the analog hardware.
Everything in its right place.

Do you have a favorite UVI product?, and how do you like to use them?

Falcon is a creation of genius. I program my own sounds and the potential there is astounding. I was looking for a workstation approach in one software, an all-in-one environment. The synthesis, sample manipulation and sample library capabilities are unrivaled.
Intuitive, and easy or deep as you want it.
And the lovely people at UVI were very generous with their time & expertise during the initial period I was starting to dive deep into it. All of the sample manipulation and a lot of the synthesis you hear on any of the records & tours I’ve been a part of over the past 10 years originate in Falcon.

Kate Bush - Before The Dawn
Roger Waters - This Is Not A Drill
Roger Waters - Us & Them
Roger Waters - Desert Trip
Roger Waters - Lockdown Sessions
David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock Tour
David Gilmour - Pompeii
Psychedelic Furs - Made Of Rain

If you haven’t taken the time to really explore Falcon on a deep level, I implore you to do it. Stick with it. It’s worth the time spent. Especially the raw synthesis.

Finally, how do UVI products fit in your workflow?

I’m not sure I have a workflow as such, can music have a workflow? Is it work?
I take on each new idea, project and song as a brand new blank canvas. The song dictates what it wants, so who am I to interfere with a preexisting notion of how it should turn out. But I will say that UVI and Falcon has been central to all of the projects simply because of the quality, layout and creative potential they possess. I love the cleanliness of the visual esthetic, I love the attention to detail in minutia and I love the sonic quality.
I couldn’t recommend UVI more.

All photo credits are attributed to Kate Izor.

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