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Key Suite's 5 Rare & Unconventional Machines
Key Suite

From the grand salons of Europe to the smoky jazz clubs of New Orleans, the piano has been an enduring symbol of musical expression and innovation throughout history. The evolution from the early harpsichords and clavichords to sophisticated digital keyboards represents not only a technological journey, but also a cultural one. At UVI we’re dedicated to preserving this legacy, culminating with Key Suite Bundle Edition. Giving you access to a complete collection of keyboard instruments, this product illustrates each unique chapter in the rich tapestry of piano history. Join us as we explore the stories behind 5 rare gems, and uncover the unparalleled sound and versatility that awaits within the Key Suite Bundle Edition.

Key Suite Electric - EPiano Italian
In the realm of vintage musical treasures, the Davoli Pianoforti C77 stands as a remarkable find. Crafted in Italy in 1972, this extraordinary instrument embodies the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship and innovation. Despite its rarity, the Davoli Pianoforti C77 has remained relatively obscure, overshadowed by more prominent brands and models. However, all that changed when the team at UVI discovered this hidden gem and embarked on a mission to breathe new life into its remarkable sound. With meticulous care and attention to detail, UVI sampled every nuance of the Davoli Pianoforti C77, capturing its unique character and sonic charm.
Key Suite

What sets the Davoli Pianoforti C77 apart is not just its scarcity, but also its distinctive sound. From its warm and resonant bass notes to its sparkling highs, every key on this vintage instrument resonates with a depth and clarity that is truly unparalleled. Its expressive range and nuanced tonality make it a versatile instrument suited for a wide range of musical styles and genres. What makes UVI's sampling of the Davoli Pianoforti C77 even more notable is that it marks the first time this instrument has been sampled by any manufacturer, ensuring that musicians and producers have access to a truly authentic and exclusive sound that cannot be found elsewhere.

Key Suite Acoustic - Grand Upright
Key Suite
In the world of musical instruments few names convey as much prestige and history as Steinway & Sons. Renowned for their unmatched craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Steinway pianos have graced the stages of prestigious concert halls for generations. Among the prized possessions of the Steinway legacy stands a rare treasure: a 100-year-old Steinway Grand Upright, a testament to the enduring excellence and artistry of the brand. What distinguishes this particular Steinway is not only its considerable age, but also the extraordinary sound it produces.

Recorded with a sophisticated multi-microphone setup, this instrument offers an unparalleled level of tonal control. Each note reverberates with incredible detail, providing musicians with a wide range of expressive possibilities and unmatched beauty. The recording process, meticulously executed by the UVI team, ensures that every nuance of the Steinway Grand Upright's sound is faithfully captured - from its delicate harmonics to thunderous bass, is preserved with utmost fidelity.

Key Suite Electric - Sanza Keys
During the recording of Key Suite Acoustic, the UVI teams stumbled across a nameless electro-acoustic piano in the storeroom of an old Parisian music store. Unmarked and unmodelled, the piano caught the attention of the team, who set about dusting and tuning it. Through careful restoration the piano revealed its character—a blend of nostalgia and resonance, reminiscent of days long past. UVI carefully captured its sound, ensuring that even the most subtle nuance was preserved. Recognizing the importance of authenticity, an additional acoustic microphone was used during recording to capture the piano's natural sound.
Key Suite

The result is a timeless addition to UVI's collection—a testament to the beauty found in the unexplored corners of the musical world.
With its evocative sound and mysterious history, this nameless piano stands as a testament to the power of discovery and the enduring allure of vintage instruments.

Key Suite Digital - The Twenty
Key Suite
In the ‘80s, a wave of synth manufacturers introduced keyboards and modules designed specifically for acoustic and electric piano sounds. Among these, the Roland MKS-20 expander stood out for its innovative SAS (Structured/Adaptive Synthesis) sound engine. While these instruments may not meet modern standards, they represented a significant leap forward at the time, providing real, playable keys in a compact and portable unit.Though digital sampling technology has evolved considerably since then, rendering these units largely obsolete, we still hold a fondness for their distinctive lo-fi sound.

There's something inherently unique about the early days of digital sampling that resonates with us even today. Despite being old-school, and perhaps a tad cheesy compared to contemporary instruments, these vintage digital modules from the '80s and '90s possess a familiar charm and undeniable character. Their sounds may not match the pristine quality of modern equivalents, but that’s what makes them special, and they hold a special place in our hearts. Now, thanks to advancements in sampling technology, we have the opportunity to preserve these iconic sounds for future generations to enjoy, ensuring that their nostalgic allure remains alive and well.

Key Suite Electric - EPiano Student Green
In the landscape of vintage musical instruments, the Fender Rhodes Student stands as a testament to innovation and style. Crafted during a transformative era in music history, these electric pianos encapsulate the spirit of the 1960s with their unique design and unmistakable sound. Originally introduced as part of Fender's Rhodes piano line, the Student Model Jetsons were designed to appeal to a younger demographic, offering a blend of affordability and performance. Despite being labeled as "student" models, these pianos showcased a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with the Fender name.
Key Suite

Unlike standard models, these electric pianos were outfitted with specially designed pickups to produce a unique and modern tone, perfectly suited to the era of their creation. What sets the Fender Rhodes Student Model Jetsons apart is their distinctive aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the futuristic trends of the time, these pianos feature sleek lines, chrome accents, and a vibrant color palette that exudes an air of space-age sophistication. The Jetsons moniker, a nod to the popular futuristic animated series of the era, further reinforces their association with the zeitgeist of the 1960s.

As a truly massive and comprehensive collection of keyboard instruments, from antique European treasures to honky-tonk pianos, Key Suite Bundle Edition delivers a high-quality collection of immediately playable and natural sounding keyboard instruments.

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