The most flexible, fully featured and universally compatible sound engine ever realized - UVI Engine is the result of more than 10 years of research and development. Powering some of today's most prolific software instruments, including the paradigm changing, multi award-winning MachFive3 from MOTU, UVI Engine has proven itself as an industry leading solution for software instrument development.

Unparalleled Technology

The UVI Engine is a hybrid synthesis, sampling and effects system. It's multitimbral and operates natively in 64-bit. Featuring a massive range of advanced effect models, high-quality time-stretching, and a true 32-bit floating point architecture, UVI Engine was designed from the ground up to provide a full compliment of technology suited to enable the most demanding creative visions with ease.

Unrivaled Compatibility

UVI Engine gives developers instant access to the full spectrum of modern plug-in formats and hosts on both major operating systems, as well as stand-alone operation, out of the box. Gone are the days of having to choose which formats you can support. Focus solely on your inspirations and leave the compliance headaches to us.

Rock-Solid Performance

With over 10 years of development under the hood, UVI Workstation is battle-tested, fully optimized and as stable as a tank. Running in full 64-bit with advanced disk-streaming technology you can be sure that your instruments will offer the best possible experience.

Developer Friendly

The uncompromising feature set and sound quality of the UVI Engine is complimented by an intuitive, user-friendly developers kit designed to ease transition and accelerate TTM. Development, testing and deployment with UVI Engine is streamlined and painless. Realize your goals and reach your market quickly.


Rest assured that your products will continue to stay compatible on modern hosts and operating systems. A core effort with thousands of hours of development behind it, UVI Engine is a stable and secure platform. And with features constantly being added you can relax knowing your products will always have a technical edge.

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