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Rewind to 1975 ...

A machine of luxury is birthed for the musical elite. Using electronics developed for NASA, this revolutionary instrument was unprecedented for its time. Starting off its life as a gorgeous FM synth, it evolved into a comprehensive workstation through subsequent expansions. Its emergence into the professional studio inspired many of the leading avant-garde artists and sonic visionaries to embrace its potential, including Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Sting, Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, and Depeche Mode, among others.

... Fast Forward to Today

Once again inspired by the sounds of yesteryear, we at UVI have set out to construct our own 'beast'. The result is a comprehensive software suite comprised of 3 complementary digital instruments - each fully equipped with a vast array of both cutting edge original sounds and classic presets. We've employed our trusted combination of advanced programming and meticulous sampling, using the best analog and digital gear, to bring the beloved vintage character of this workstation to a new generation of musicians and sound explorers. The result is an entirely new, comprehensive and intuitive luxury instrument which we are proud to present to you - The Beast.

Sparkverb™ Technology Included

Also included is the latest UVI technology - Sparkverb™ - a highly advanced synthetic reverb that focuses on sound quality and musicality. From stratospheric choruses, to lush ambiances and to resonant unisons, Sparkverb™ gives you a huge palette and direct control over the patches. Add lush atmosphere to any of your configurations instantly!

Recapture the past, and let The Beast inspire the sounds of your future!

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UVI The Beast | Beast FMII

Beast FMII

An FM and additive synthesis monster. As a result of our combination of deep multi-sampling and integrated true FM synthesis module, this instrument offers a unique approach to reproducing these vintage sounds, allowing for subtle to extreme variation.

UVI The Beast | Beast Terminal

Beast Terminal

With careful attention to historical details, the presets and sonic character of Beast Terminal traverse a wide territory. Ranging from acoustic to electric, they encompass the full sonic spectrum: from lush strings to strikingly bright brass timbres and beyond.

UVI The Beast | Beast Box

Beast Box

Combining the best FM-synthesized percussion sounds with recordings of the deepest drum hits and percussion samples, Beast Box is a massive drum machine with an extensive library of over 1,200 sounds.

Updated licensing system gives you more flexibility than ever

UVI | Authorization

The Beast now features the improved licensing model allowing for 3 concurrent authorizations
on any combination of computers and iLok keys.


  • Size : 2.07 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 4.21 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : Vintage Synth and Sampler
  • Content : 3 instruments, 297 presets, 8,313 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz

Product Manuals

The Beast User Guide 
UVI Workstation User Guide 

Technical Specifications

Supported Formats, Supported Operating Systems, Hard Drive, Requirements, Tested and Certified DAW : Check here

Installation Guide

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George W

George Ware Mac Money Studio owner/Producer

I had the Moogs, Prophets, Yamahas but this added a new attitude to my sounds!

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The Beast

The Beast

3 instruments deliver the stunning sounds of a luxurious 70’s-era FM workstation designed with components developed for NASA

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