UVI UVS-3200 | Korg PS-3200
UVS-3200 brings you the rare and exceedingly warm sounds of a complex and stunning piece of synthesizer history, the KORG PS-3200, perfectly restored and deeply sampled in all its vintage analog glory. Built in a very limited quantity during the late '70s this Japanese beauty featured a semi-modular 48-voice polyphonic engine. Each voice was equipped with 2 VCOs, of which each had its own VCF and LFO. The PS-3200 also featured a remarkable 16 patches of memory recall (a fantastic convenience at the time). Settings could be saved and restored at any time by way of the front panel or optional remote. This synth also featured a unique keyboard controller with scalable CV joystick providing a fun and dynamic performance angle.
UVI UVS-3200 | Korg PS-3200
Due to the PS-3200’s extreme component count and the age of these machines they are both extraordinarily expensive to own and repair and increasingly scarce to find. Thankfully we got our hands on a pristine unit and after a complete check-up and fine tuning handed it over to our sound design team to push it to the limits, documenting the very best of what it has to offer.


UVI UVS-3200 | GUI
UVS-3200 delivers a collection of musical and sonically pristine patches brimming with a warmth and presence that's both unique and undeniably analog. A marvelous artifact seen through a modern lens, our sound designers created a multitude of configurations resulting in sounds covering everything from classic tones to those at home in current styles. Over 220 patches including fat analog basses, rich evolving pads, punishing leads and more await.
Inspired by the original hardware the UI boasts a vintage aesthetic with modern controls. Quickly surf the included presets for inspiration or dive in to create your own patches. Choose from 24 presets for Oscillator 1 and 69 presets for Oscillator 2. Adjust ADSR envelopes for both the amp and multimode filter along with comprehensive stereo, effects and per-oscillator modulation and arpeggiators.
  • UVI UVS-3200 | Main UI
  • UVI UVS-3200 | Edit UI
  • UVI UVS-3200 | Mod UI
  • UVI UVS-3200 | FX UI
  • UVI UVS-3200 | UI Arps
With an extraordinary analog sound and fantastic set of patches, UVS-3200 delivers a collectors dream of an instrument with all of the convenience and flexibility of modern software.
UVI Vintage Vault 3

Also available in the Vintage Vault 3 bundle

A comprehensive collection of 65 instruments giving you the most important synth and drum machine sounds from the last 50 years. Based on 250 vintage machines, Vintage Vault 3 delivers over 10,000 hand-crafted presets from over 500,000 meticulously recorded samples. Experience the authentic sounds of vintage hardware instruments with the simplicity of software. The history of synthesis at your fingertips!
UVI Vintage Vault 3


Size: 1.7GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 3GB in WAV)
Content: 5797 Samples, 223 Presets
Sample Resolution: 44.1 kHz. Recording at 88.2 kHz
License: 3 activations per license on any combination of machines or iLok dongles
  • Runs in UVI Workstation version 2.6.9+, and Falcon version 1.2.1+
  • iLok account (free, dongle not required)
  • Internet connection for the license activation
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    - Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks to macOS 11 Big Sur (64-bit)
    - Windows 8 to Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • 2GB of disk space
  • Hard Drive: 7,200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 4GB RAM (8 GB+ highly recommended for large UVI Soundbanks)
Supported Formats: Audio Unit, AAX, VST, Standalone
Tested and Certified in: Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic Pro X+, Cubase 7+, Nuendo 6+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6+, Maschine 1+, Tracktion 4+, Vienna Ensemble Pro 5+, Reaper 4+, Sonar X3+, MainStage 3, MuLab 5.5+, FL Studio, Bitwig 1+, Reason 9.5+



UVI UVS-3200 | Cassius
"My surprise and joy are a measure of the success of this synth, warm and easy-to-use with wild possibilities and a sound worthy of UVI, UVS-3200 is a total success! The backbone of many new tracks."
UVI UVS-3200 | Alvvays
"Alvvays travels and records with a 1978 Korg Poly Ensemble. As the clock ticks on its capacitors, we’ve been hunting for software that comes close to the beautifully rough tuning-pot-for-every-key microtonal sound. My pupils popped when the UVS-3200 came out - this beautiful piece of programming is faithful to the original woodgrain beast and supplements it with everything the original pre-midi board lacked. Our hunt has ended."
UVI UVS-3200 | Jon Carin
"This is exactly what I love about UVI. I had completely forgotten about the original version, and they have resurrected it perfectly. All of the fizz, drift, unusual waveforms & filter artifacts. Very cool."
Jon Carin
Musician & Producer
(Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, The Who, Pete Townshend, Kate Bush)
UVI UVS-3200 | Guy Fletcher
"Apart from the ease of use, the warmth and depth of UVS-3200 is what really impresses me."
Guy Fletcher
Musician, Sound Engineer & Producer
(Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Tina Turner, Randy Newman, Mick Jagger, Vicente Amigo)
UVS-3200 | Sample Library Review
"Fun stuff! It's pretty inspiring! […] I am really loving this. There's a quality to it that mimics hardware sound, but there's another quality to it that has a kind of temperament that I like to use."
UVS-3200 | Gearspace
"UVS-3200 sounds quirky, vibey and lush like very few virtual synths out there[…] recommended for synthesizers aficionados and electronics music producers looking for an exotic synth that is fun to play with."
UVS-3200 | The Samplecast
"It's all very lush sounding with a vintage charm, but surprisingly some of the presets don't sound retro at all! I can think where I'd use these in modern productions and older, retro tracks."
UVS-3200 | Ask Audio
"What's not to love about this instrument? […] The sounds of this wonderfully unique instrument are lush and fantastic. It's dead simple to use, and it's a little piece of history inside of your plugins folder. Picking it up is a no brainer."
UVS-3200 | FLStudioMusic
"The sound of UVS-3200 is rich, warm and powerful, with that analog "dirt" which makes it really authentic […] a world of textures, moods and sonic pleasures."
UVS-3200 | Pro Tools Expert
"I've been finding loads of inspiration just with the presets, but the real fun comes when you start to delve into a bit of creative programming [...] this synth is now very high on my list of go-to synths."
UVS-3200 | Producer Spot
"UVI has really outdone themselves again melding the wonderful sounds that came out of the Korg with the technology of today and creating something absolutely stunning to work with."
UVS-3200 | SoundBytes
“It doesn’t take a whole lot of ‘tarting up’ to come up with a compelling preset. You can easily coax a rich and deep, but not overtly vintage sound out of UVS-3200.”
UVS-3200 | Muzykuj
UVS-3200 Showcase
UVS-3200 | Synth Anatomy
KORG PS-3200 In Software? UVS-3200 Review
UVS-3200 | 2probeats
UVI UVS-3200 | How Does It Sound?

User Testimonials

"Sounds so good, and very inspiring presets. I have a feeling that this will be one of my most used UVI libraries. It has much of the gentle softness I enjoy… but also provides some bite and grit on top of it."PassionFlower, Gearspace
"Amazing quality and very useful patches for contemporary production and for retro one."Leonid V., Facebook
"Picked it up over the weekend and it's the most fun I've had with a synth in some time!"MillsMixx, V.I. Control
"This sounds so amazing, can't find words for that! I'm blown away. Absolutely fantastic."Markus W., Facebook
"All over my tracks! This one looks like another goodie!"Diamond Field, Twitter
"After digging into the UVS-3200 […] I have found it to be inspiring and unique."SEA, Gearspace
"Definition of organic and living sound. Absolutely phenomenal."Mathieu R., Facebook
"OK, you guys never read me using the phrase "no brainer" because I don't believe in it as a concept but if there ever is one, this may be it. I just bought it … and it sounds amazing!"Ashermusic, V. I. Control
"Loving it and it just might become one of my go to synths from now on."Troy F., Facebook
"This thing is magic."Mancalled Clay, YouTube
"It's a beast!"Ian S., Facebook
All trademarks and designs of KORG INC. are used with the permission of KORG INC.
All sounds in UVS-3200 are original creations of the UVI sound design team.
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