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Wavetable Synthesis Retrospective

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A multitude of synths, drum machines and rare prototypes of esteemed German heritage come together in this massive and unparalleled retrospective. WaveRunner presents you with a wondrous collection of authentic and fascinating sounds from over 30 years of wavetable synthesis. Everything from the raw and strident origins to the wild evolving tones of more modern, full-featured machines. Each system addressed was serviced, meticulously multi-sampled and artfully designed into 7 unique hybrid instruments driven by over 30,000 samples. Both a historical archive of sound and a collection of new and unique instruments with hundreds of presets and limitless sound design potential, WaveRunner is a suite not to be missed.

WaveRunner includes 7 instruments:

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner 360
UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner 360 Logo

Based on a very old and quite rare machine, WaveRunner 360 delivers a raw and lo-fi sound. Explore the origins of wavetable synthesis and let loose with ripping vintage timbres.

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner Terminal D Logo

Including sounds from vintage prototype drum modules, synths and modern rack drum synths, Terminal D is an uncompromising drum machine with an impressive range of sounds and easy to use interface.

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner Terminal D

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner Terminal U
UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner Terminal U Logo

Built on a generous collection of sounds from the entire range, Terminal U is a powerful and dynamic multitrack phrase sequencer capable of generating everything from tight rhythmic chains to wild and evolving passages.

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner 2.0 Logo

Based on the original German blue, WaveRunner 2.0 delivers an uncommonly warm and vintage tone from an often overlooked classic known for its amazing analog filter.

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner 2.0

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner 2.3
UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner 2.3 Logo

Similar to the 2.0 but with a distinctly different flavor, WaveRunner 2.3 is built on the upgraded German classic and its loquacious programming pal.

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner Orange Logo

Based on the modern flagship wavetable synthesizers famed in the 90's and 00's, WaveRunner Orange delivers the modern sound of wavetable synthesis covering the gamut from lush bells to violent and evolving tones.

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner Orange

UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner X
UVI WaveRunner | WaveRunner X Logo

An extraordinary collection of raw waves harvested from the entire range of machines come together in this fresh and powerful dual-layer subtractive synth; capable of deep, modulating ambiances, brutal basses and uncanny leads.

Updated licensing system gives you more flexibility than ever

UVI | Authorization

WaveRunner now features the improved licensing model allowing for 3 concurrent authorizations
on any combination of computers and iLok keys.

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  • Size : 7.76 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 16.67 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : A Wondrous Collection of Authentic and Fascinating Sounds from over 30 Years of Wavetable Synthesis
  • Content : 7 instruments, 685 presets, 30,453 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz. Recording at 96 kHz.

Product Manuals

WaveRunner User Guide 
UVI Workstation User Guide 

Technical Specifications

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George W

George Ware Mac Money Studio owner/Producer

We have a lot of synths but WaveRunner filled in the gaps between the others.

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Suite of 7 instruments explore the raw and gritty history of wavetable synthesis through iconic German synths and drum machines

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