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» Dual-layer hybrid analog/FM synth
» Authentic raw wave library from Elka Synthex and EK-44
» Expanded preset library (over 200 patches)

Synthox now includes a deep sampling of the rare Elka EK-44 FM synthesizer, an expanded patch library, and dramatically faster load-times.

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Synthox 1.5

The raw analog power of the Elka Synthex returns in Synthox version 1.5, this time as a versatile hybrid Analog/FM workstation! Synthox features a dual-layer architecture which lets you freely mix raw waves from the Synthex and EK-44 for a wild new range of sonic possibilities. Both synths were fully serviced then deeply multi-sampled to give you a complete range of raw waveforms, noise oscillators and custom patches with the authentic hardware character.

Synthox 1.5 provides many easy-to-use modulation options via two arpeggiators (one per-layer), an LFO and a step modulator. Take full control over both layers waveshape, amplitude and filter envelopes as well as pitch, stereo and filter sections and a fast modwheel assignment system for versatile sound design and performance capabilities.

Synthox 1.5 also includes a large update to the factory preset library which now includes over 200 expertly designed patches. Loading time has been improved tremendously, increasing performance by as much as 70% thanks to recent improvements in the UVI Engine.

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A widely regarded and increasingly rare analog synthesizer, the Synthex (1981-1985), comes from Italian manufacturer Elka and was made famous in part by Jean Michel Jarre. The unique oscillator design and lush filters in this synth pack a distinctly thick and raw sound. As these machines become older finding working units has become increasingly difficult. Now, Synthox 1.5 brings you the very best of this instrument in a convenient and extraordinary sounding soft-synth.

Also included in Synthox 1.5 is a deep sampling of the Elka EK-44 (1986). A rare 4-operator FM synth based around Yamaha’s YM2203 chips, the EK-44’s raw digital sound palette makes a brilliant counterpoint to the Synthex and can lead to some truly unique sounds.

From thick and sizzling textures to funky analog tones, digital bells and everywhere in-between, Synthox 1.5 is a fantastic instrument for those looking to draw on the classic 80’s sound of Elka.

UVI Vintage Vault

Synthox 1.5 is also available in the Vintage Vault bundle

A comprehensive collection of 36 instruments giving you the most important synth, drum and sampler sounds from the last 50 years. Over 5,000 hand-crafted presets. The history of synthesis at your fingertips!

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  • Size : 1.7 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 3.6 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : Hybrid analog/FM synth
  • Content : 1 Instrument, 202 presets, 5,616 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz. Recording at 96 kHz
  • Miscellaneous : Available as a free upgrade to existing Synthox, Vintage Legends, and Vintage Vault users

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Synthox User Guide 
UVI Workstation User Guide 

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Dual-layer hybrid analog/FM synth packed with raw juju from the 80’s powerhouse Elka Synthex and Elka EK-44

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