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Dual Delay X
Dual Delay X

Dual Delay X takes a new spin on a classic effect, delivering a surprisingly wide range of high-quality and innovative sounds in a clear and easy to master interface. Create everything from classic ping-pongs to lush spatial delays, adding digital lo-fi and analog warmth to taste. Dual Delay X is a powerful tool that’s also a pleasure to use.

In a new Focus video, see how Dual Delay X behaves in real-life through three examples, showcasing a small range of this delay’s impressive sonic palette.

Rotation Delay

Rotation is the foundation of Dual Delay X. Thanks to its matrix, it allows the creation of spinning stereo and reflection effects.

You can easily set a simple spin by monoing the input and adding a small angle to the rotation. You can also easily deepen the stereo field with offsets, unsync, and a wide angle range. You can create a wide variety of ping-pong style delays by setting « Rotation » into « Reflection » and setting an input angle.

TIP : If you set a very short delay time (< 30ms) with a quite long feedback, you will create a kind of Comb Filter, and the Rotation angle and the time offset will control inharmonicity in the Comb.

Cavern Echo

With a short Time and the Diffusion block, Dual Delay X allows you to create reverb-like effects. The modulation of the Time increases the stereo range and creates flutter in the reverberation.

Tape Delay

With the Tape Saturation block included in the feedback loop, automatically increasing in drive in each lap/tap, you can easily create Tape Delay effects. This provides a warm, textured sound in the feedback that will add a classic analog feel to your delay.

Dual Delay X

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