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Key Suite - Recording session

Key Suite Bundle Edition is a massive and fully-featured collection of 94 deeply-sampled keyboard instruments of almost every type imaginable, aged between 20 and 130 years, delivering a fantastically wide sonic palette.

With instruments ranging from esteemed electric pianos to restored baroque-era claviers, vintage digital, and concert grands of every flavor, Key Suite Bundle Edition is a longstanding project, whose recording took over a decade. Recording was done in the most prestigious studios, including the renowned Guillaume Tell Studios, in Paris. Some keyboards, being over a century old, went under much-needed and intense restoration work, while others had to be recorded in place. The result is a collection of 94 instruments, each with a completely unique color, sound and personality, as shown in the following video.

Featuring a fast and intuitive workflow, deep editing capabilities, inspiring interfaces, and premium effects, Key Suite Bundle Edition delivers the ultimate collection: inspiration never more than a few clicks away!

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