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The Ultimate Drum Machine Retrospective

The first drum machines were manufactured in the 60's, designed to imitate the sounds of drums and percussion instruments. These drum machines utilized analog synthesis and typically offered few options for customizing their sound. In the 80's we began to see drum machines use low resolution digital samples - these quickly became popular and were used pervasively throughout pop music and the growing hip-hop movement. In the 90's, with the continuing development of technology, we saw great improvement in sound quality - where machines became much more capable but conversely, as their specifications improved, they began to lose some of the character that made their predecessors so great.

From the Legends to the Obscure, 80 Machines at Your Command

With Beat Box Anthology we've set out to capture a full spectrum of these machines - allowing you to instantly call up the analog classics or newer digital models. Including cult machines to lesser known and rare models that saw very small production runs, giving you a huge diversity of sounds and character at your disposal.

Each of the 80 machines we processed was sampled at 24 bit / 96 kHz using the very best DI boxes and ADCs. In addition to precise captures of these sounds we had the entire library of over 10,000 samples individually mastered by Chris Gerhinger at Sterling Sound resulting in an immediate, punchy, world-class sound you won't find anywhere else.

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Acetone Rhythm Ace FR-1, FR-2L, FR-6 and FR-8, Akai XR-10, Alesis HR-16, HR-16b and DPM5, Amdek Rhythm Machine RMK-100, Bohm Digital Drums M., Boss DR-110, DR-220 A, DR-220 E and DRP-I, Dr. Pad, Casio RZ-1, Crumar OMB-2, Dynacord Add One, Elka Drumstar 80, OMB 5, Wilgamat, E-mu Drumulator, ETI Drum Synthesizer, Godwin Drummaker 45, Hohner Drum Performer and Rhythm 80, Kawai R-100, Korg DDD-1, DDM-100, DDM-220, KPR 77, KR33, KR55, MR16 and S3, Linn 9000 and Linn Drum, Mattel Synsonic Drums, Mini Pops Junior Keio, MPC the Kit, Novation Drumstation, Oberheim DMX, Pearl Drum-X and  Fightman, Realistic Rhythm Box Concert Mate, RLD CR-78, CR-8000, 5o5, TR-55, 6o6, 626, TR-66, 7o7, 727, TR-77, 8o8 and 9o9, SCI Drumtracks, Siel MDP40, Simmons Clap Trap, MTX-9, SDS 400, SDS 800, SDS 9, SDSV and Trixer, Solton Arranger +, Tama Techstar TAM500, DS200 and Techstar TS204, Ted Digisound Synth, Univox ARI, Vermona, Wersi Drum Composer, Wersi Wersimatic WM24, Yamaha DD-10, MR10, QY10, RX5, RX7 and RX8.

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  • Size : 4.17 GB
  • Collection : A unique collection of vintage drum machines
  • Content : 80 instruments, 283 presets, 90 kits, 1,152 loops, 9,031 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 96 kHz

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George W

George Ware Mac Money Studio owner/Producer

I wasted a lot of money on beat-boxes over the years now this is my beat-box one stop.

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Beat Box Anthology

Beat Box Anthology

The ultimate drum machine sample collection. Over 10,000 samples from 80 drum machines professionally mastered at Sterling Sound

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