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50 Vintage Synths For One Incredible Price

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In celebration of Guitar Center’s 50th anniversary UVI has created an exclusive, limited edition instrument that gives you the sounds of 50 vintage synthesizers and samplers at an amazing price. Explore a huge range of synthesis types including analog, analog modeled, FM and formant, digital and wavetable, vector, additive and pcm, then tweak the sounds to perfection with a host of built-in studio-grade effects, modulations and a world-class arpeggiator.

Synth Legacy offers a massive range of high-quality synth sounds and
over 1,000 factory presets; an unbeatable value.

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UVI Synth Legacy GUI UVI Synth Legacy GUI

Synth Legacy is a hybrid instrument, marrying a deep sound design and sampling process with UVI’s sophisticated Engine XT™.

Every synthesizer was first restored to perfect working order by techs and then explored by our sound design team who took great care to create sounds specific to each synthesizer, capitalizing on their individual strengths.

Once fully programmed, each instrument was carefully sampled through a world-class signal chain, employing the very best analog gear to capture and preserve the raw character and quality of each instrument.

To say that Synth Legacy is merely a sample library would be a huge understatement; in fact it’s a completely customizable, dynamic and expressive instrument. Extensive control is given over each sound, including ADSR envelopes for the amp and filter, sub osc, overdrive circuit, pitch and stereo controls.

Additionally a flexible LFO and 16-step modulator are available to add new movement and rhythm to each sound. Top it off with 6 effects available from the front panel (and dozens more through UVI Workstation) and you’ve got an instrument with huge expression and sound design potential.

Synth Legacy

Representing years of work across a deep catalog of machines Synth Legacy offers a wide range of sounds suitable to nearly any genre. Whether you’re a new-comer to the world of synthesis or a die-hard collector Synth Legacy is a great way to explore new sounds without breaking the bank.


Alesis Andromeda, Roland Jupiter 4, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland VP-300, Roland TB-303, Oberheim Matrix 6, Oberheim Xpander, Oberheim OB-X, Studio Electronics ATC, SCI Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-80, Elka Synthex, RSF Kobol, Korg PS-3200, Moog MiniMoog, Moog MemoryMoog, Waldorf Pulse, Access Virus C, Yamaha AN1X, Novation Nova, Waldorf Q, Clavia NordLead, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha DX100, Yamaha FS1R, Korg DS8, NED Synclavier 2, Waldorf Microwave XT, PPG Wave 2.3, Casio VZ-1, Casio CZ-1, Korg DW8000, Kawai K3, SCI Prophet VS, Korg Wavestation, Yamaha SY22, Kawai K5000, OSC OSCar, Seiko DS301, Ensoniq VFX, Kawai K4r, Roland JD-800, Roland D-50, Korg M1, Korg DSS1, Korg MS20, Ensoniq SQ80, Ensoniq Fizmo, Yamaha SY77, Mellotron M400, Fairlight CMI IIx, E-MU Emulator 2

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  • Size : 4 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 9 GB in WAV)
  • Collection : Vintage synthesizers and samplers
  • Content : 1,178 presets, 10,984 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz, recording at 96 kHz

Product Manuals

Synth Legacy User Guide (1.9 MB)
UVI Workstation User Guide (7.1 MB)

Technical Specifications

Supported Formats, Supported Operating Systems, Hard Drive, Requirements, Tested and Certified DAW : Check here

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Synth Legacy

Synth Legacy

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