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A Beautiful Collection of the Most
Musical Gongs

Gongs are mainly found in East and Southeast Asia. They are typically made of a flat metal plate, are various shapes and are struck with a mallet. As gongs are created in many sizes, we've focused on the most musical - middle to small-sized (5-26 inches).

We aimed for the best quality possible, recording the entire library at 24 bit / 96 kHz utilizing the best available ADCs and we believe the natural essence of these rich percussive instruments has been faithfully preserved as a result.

A Meticulous Recording Process for Intuitive Tools and Faithful Sounds

Depending on the particular gong, we were able to record multiple velocity layers. In addition, we assessed the perceptual tonality of each sample allowing them to be played on the keyboard intuitively and in key. The result is a more than just a library of gong sounds; its versatile instrument capable of creating lengthy metallic textures, large metallic hits and magnificent musical bell and chime tones.

The library has been sorted by country of origin, and includes 80 gongs from Burma, Cambodia, China, Indochina, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. Photos and physical specifications accompany the majority of presets.

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  • Size : 960 MB
  • Collection : Gongs from all over the world
  • Content : 146 presets, 394 samples
  • Sample Resolution : 96 kHz

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Spirit of Gongs

Spirit of Gongs

Metallic textures, chime tones, crashing hits and more await as investigate a collection of 80 antique gongs from the heart of Asia

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