BeatHawk FAQ

What is the minimum iPad / iPhone model supported?
We highly recommend using an iPad 4 or newer, or an iPhone 6 or newer.

What is the minimum iOS version supported?
We highly recommend using iOS 9+.

How do I open the browser menu?
Perform a two-finger tap on the row within user library. 
The hamburger icon on the top left of the screen is for more general options and first column options.

Can I set folders in my User Library?
Yes, open the Browser and select User Library, then tap on the hamburger icon at top and select ‘New Directory’.

I cannot play a sample in Stretch Mode below MIDI note C1 and above C5, is that normal?
Yes, this is a limitation of the stretch engine - the pitch shift limit is +/- 2 octaves from MIDI note C3.

I have latency when pressing pads, how can I resolve this?
You can reduce the audio buffer size in Audio/MIDI Preferences.

I have no sound anymore on BeatHawk, what can I do?
Open Audio/MIDI Preferences and set Device to '<< none >>' then set it back to 'iOS Audio'.

Can I receive signal in BeatHawk via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus?
Not at this time. BeatHawk is currently only able to send audio signal via Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, Audio Unit v3.

Can I remotely sync BeatHawk to another app?
Yes, BeatHawk can be synced with any application that supports Ableton-Link or WIST protocol.

Some factory projects are glitching, is that normal?
On older hardware you may notice some latency due to the build in projects being resource hungry (multi-sampled instruments using a lot of polyphony). (See the first question)

I cannot transfer files with iTunes anymore, Why?
In order to support AudioUnit we had to use a different form of storage (AppGroup). User files cannot be retrieved with iTunes, please use export solutions instead (see the two following questions). 
However, you can add files into BeatHawk using iTunes, they will be moved to the right folder during app startup.

How can I import my own samples from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive?
Open the Browser then select User Library, tap on the Menu icon (hamburger) or perform a two-finger tap on the User folder then select ‘iCould - Import File'. By default, this opens your iCloud Drive. You can switch to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive via ‘Locations’.

How can I export my Mix, Stems, Midi exports or my recorded sounds to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive?
From Browser > User Library, tap any file then select ‘iCloud - Export File’. By default, this opens your iCloud Drive. You can switch to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive via ‘Locations’.

I have issues with my In-App Purchases, what should I do?
Please make sure you are running with the latest version of BeatHawk.
 Go to the Menu (hamburger icon) in Browser, select ‘Restore Purchases’ and go to the expansion packs page to download it.


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