BeatHawk offers up a large selection of included sounds and instruments, but for those of you who need more you'll find an ever-expanding selection of downloadable libraries. Multi-sampled instruments, drum kits, phrases and more are available whenever you need them directly from the in-app sound browser, all with the outstanding sound quality UVI is known for.
EDM Factory
Brimming with the sounds of house, techno, DnB and dubstep, EDM Factory delivers a modernized sonic arsenal capable of producing everything from deep dance floor epics to downtempo electronica jams. Includes a sizable selection of genre-correct drum kits, samples, loops and instruments all mastered to perfection.
URBAN Factory
Jam packed with classic and modern drum machine samples, kits, loops, and dozens of instruments including basses, synths, guitars, pianos, strings and more, URBAN Factory gives you all need to produce in a wide range of urban music styles with punchy and pristine sounds that effortlessly sit in the mix.


Used on more hit records than any other drum machine in history, 8o8 delivers the iconic sounds of a studio legend in fully-mastered, precision glory. Deeply sampled and raw, brimming with low bass thunder and punchy hits, 8o8 puts the regal sound of this magic box at the center of your portable studio.
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Acoustic Grand

Experience the majesty of a Steinway Concert Grand Model D piano recorded in one of Europe's most prestigious sound stages. A studio-grade multisampled instrument with exceedingly lush detail and natural dynamics, Acoustic Grand delivers the superb details, graceful warmth and amazing range of this truly stunning instrument.
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Atlanta Urban

Sink your teeth into some southern heat with this blend of deep basslines, driving rhythms and popping synths that traverses the modern ATL landscape of hip hop, trap and crunk. Includes a giant selection of drum kits, instruments, samples and more.
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Brass Riffs

Add a touch of brass to your next track with this collection of rich and detailed loops and finely crafted, pristinely sampled instruments. Brass Riffs delivers a choice selection of popular favorites including: Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Brass Hits, Horn Section and more...
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The ethereal sound of the human voice in choir form has a timeless beauty and musicality. A warm and immersive selection of voices are presented here, immaculately recorded in a choice European venue with the finest equipment available. Includes Children, Female, Male and Mixed choirs.
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A huge library of construction kits, loops, instruments and samples dedicated to the classic disco sound of the 70’s and 80‘s. Infuse your productions with soaring strings, funky riffs and four-on-the-floor beats to get the party moving! Utilize pre-built kits or individual elements in any way you choose.
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Electric Piano

The essential sound of tines, loved the world over and made famous in jazz, pop, rock and soul is yours with the Electric Piano expansion. Get an authentic and luxurious studio-quality sound of a Rhodes Mark II, meticulously recorded and gently processed for the ultimate in smooth, warm and soulful piano vibes.
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Electro Pop

Harness the storm with this massive collection of synthetic drums, warped and gritty synths, powerful basses and futuristic samples forged to fire the floor. A huge palette of sounds perfectly suited for many genres of dance, all mastered to perfection to give your productions an immediate and electrified intensity.
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A massive collection of construction kits, loops, instruments and samples dedicated to the classic funk sound of the 70’s. Whirling synths, grooving guitars, sure-footed bass lines and funky beats abound. From upbeat and groovin’ to smooth and mellow, Funk delivers a timeless vibe.
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Guitar Loops

A diverse collection of phrases and loops covering a wide range of styles on both electric and acoustic guitars. Craft grooves in any key or tempo thanks to high-quality realtime stretching. Lay down lush 12-string strums, blues, rock and jazz riffs, twangy hometown vibes, trip hop, fx and more.
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Latin Percussion

Give your productions that signature sizzle and shake while you explore the raw and vivid percussive sounds of Latin music. Dozens of instruments were expertly recorded, delivering both new and traditional sounds including: Agogo, Baya, Bongo, Cabassa, Cajon, Castanet, Chekere, Clave, Conga, Cowbell, Cuica, Eggs, Guiro, Maracas, Pandeiro and more...
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This signature sound of the 60’s and 70’s is back, ready to infuse your tracks with a warm, buttery tape vibe and nostalgic tones sampled from the original tapes. Mello is a superb representation of its iconic hardware counterpart. Includes: Cello, Choir, Church Organ, Electric Guitar, Flute, Guitar 12, Organ, Piano, Section Brass, Strings, Vibraphone and Viola
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Old school meets new school with this generous collection of classics broken down by the expert hands of DJ Quartz. Each track is presented both as full loops and as individual scratch elements allowing you to create your own unique scratch progressions perfectly synced to match your track. Gold chains not included.
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Talk Vox

Give your productions the human touch with the signature sounds of the talk box, robot voices and vocoded samples. Talk Vox goes everywhere from playful sci-fi to old-school West Coast hip-hop, g-funk and R&B-inspired vibes. Includes a wide range of samples, loops, phrases and fx.
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Trip Hop

This sound library treads deep into the dark alleys of lo-fi, experimental sound known as trip hop. Dirty textures, cold ambience, and a brooding hollowness are almost tangible in this generous selection of drum samples, loops, fx and kits dedicated to the signature 90's UK sound.
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Vintage Blues Guitar

The sound of tireless struggle, lost love and hard times resonate in this classic blues guitar collection. Hundreds of riffs, licks, phrases and transitions provide soulful and visceral building blocks for your jamming pleasure. Covers a wide range of styles and tones, always in tempo and in tune thanks to the BeatHawk realtime time-stretch feature.
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West Coast Urban

Explore the best of the West in this testament to the sunny side's deep and diverse hip-hop culture. Stretching from San Diego to Seattle, from roots, golden age, g-funk to gangsta rap, you'll find the raw kits, bass and samples to give your production the real westside connection.
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World Percussion

Create beats with the traditional percussive sounds of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in this rhythmic expedition that bridges culture and time. Includes: Angklung, Belltree, Berimbau, Crecel, Cruche, Daires, Darbuka, Dholak, Djembe, Elathalam, Fedounoum, Foot Percussion, Ghatam, Handclap, Kachichi, Kutu-wapa and more...
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