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UVI ElectroBeats Sweepstake Terms And Conditions

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“ElectroBeats Sweepstake” Contest of November 17, 2012 to May 31, 2013


Article 1. introduction
The company Univers Sons, a société anonyme whose head office is located at 159 rue Amelot, in Paris (75011), whose unique identification number is 339 985 905 RCS Paris, owns the trademark UVI France (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer” or “UVI”).
From November 17, 2012 until May 31, 2013, inclusive, UVI is organizing a free (with the exception of possible Internet connection costs) online contest entitled “ElectroBeats Sweepstake” (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”), which can be accessed by purchasing the paid application “ElectroBeats by David Guetta.” The Contest is offered through an online application using Apple's “App Store” platform. Apple is not the initiator, nor the organizer, nor the promoter, nor the sponsor of the Contest and cannot in any manner be held liable for the Contest.

Article 2. entry
The Contest is open to all persons who are adults as of November 17, 2012, excluding the employees of the Organizer or of its subcontractors involved in the organization of the Contest, and their close family members (spouses, direct ascendants, descendants and relatives), who are not permitted to enter.
Entering the Contest implies that the entrants have examined these rules and have accepted them without conditions or reservations.
The entrant declares that he or she meets the conditions of access to and entry in the Contest and that he or she will follow these rules and applicable regulations. The Organizer reserves the right to verify that the winners do indeed meet the conditions stipulated above.

Article 3. distribution
Members of the public learn about the Contest by purchasing the ElectroBeats by David Guetta (iOS) application distributed on Apple's App Store platform.

Article 4. terms and conditions of contest entry
The Contest offers a prize to every 3.000th email address registered via the paying (iOS) application ElectroBeats by David Guetta, up to the 12.0000th email address, inclusive, (meaning the 3.000th, 6.000th, 9.000th, 12.000th, 15.000th, 18.000th, 21.000th, 24.000th, 27.000th, 30.000th, 33.000th, 36.000th, 39.000th, 42.000th, 45.000th, 48.000th, 51.000th, 54.000th, 57.000th, 60.000th, 63.000th, 66.000th, 69.000th, 72.000th, 75.000th, 78.000th, 81.000th, 84.000th, 87.000th, 90.000th, 93.000th, 96.000th, 99.000th, 102.000th, 105.000th, 108.000th, 111.000th, 114.000th, 117.000th and 120.000th addresses).

4.1. 1st phase: on the (iOS) application “ElectroBeats by David Guetta”
The Contest is entered by connecting to the paid version of the (iOS) application ElectroBeats by David Guetta accessible on Apple's App Store.
After downloading the paid (iOS) application ElectroBeats by David Guetta, by launching the application for the first time after downloading it (for new users), or after the Contest is launched (for users who already have the paid application), the entrant will automatically be redirected to an interface dedicated to the Contest and will then have to accept the Contest rules.
Entrants must register their email address. Each email address can be registered only one time, and anyone who registers the same email address multiple times will be ineligible to win the prize. This information will be used solely to verify eligibility for the Contest, as well as in order to contact entrants who have won one of the prizes at stake.
By clicking on the “Subscribe” button to register their email address, the entrant acknowledges that he or she accepts the Contest rules.

4.2. 2nd phase: selection of the email addresses of the winners
The persons holding the email addresses registered in order as a multiple of 3.000 (e.g., the 3.000th, the 6.000th, the 9.000th, etc.) will be the winners of one of the 40 prizes at stake until inventory is exhausted. The 3.000th, 6.000th, 9.000th, 12.000th, 15.000th, 18.000th, 21.000th, 24.000th, 27.000th, 30.000th, 33.000th, 36.000th, 39.000th, 42.000th, 45.000th, 48.000th, 51.000th, 54.000th, 57.000th, 60.000th, 63.000th, 66.000th, 69.000th, 72.000th, 75.000th, 78.000th, 81.000th, 84.000th, 87.000th, 90.000th, 93.000th, 96.000th, 99.000th, 102.000th, 105.000th, 108.000th, 111.000th, 114.000th, 117.000th and 120.000th email addresses will be inspected by a bailiff.

4.3. 3rd phase: award of prizes
The winners will be awarded a prize described in article 5 of these rules.
In accordance with the procedure described in article 6, each winner will be informed individually by email of his or her win. Entrants declare their irrevocable agreement that truncated email addresses, which cannot be used to identify or contact the winner(s), may be published on the Contest page on the site www.uvi.net.
Contest entries will be void if they are incomplete, counterfeit or made in a way that violates these rules, in the event of demonstrated attempt at fraudulent entry, or if the contact information shared by the entrant is incorrect or incomplete.
The Organizer can, at its sole discretion, prohibit an entrant from entering the Contest or from winning a prize if it believes that this entrant is attempting to harm the legitimate conduct of the drawing by cheating, engaging in software piracy, deception or other unfair gaming practices.

Article 5. prizes
The following are at stake:
Forty audio Beats by Dr Dre MixR headphones with a unit value of €249.90, dedicated by David Guetta.
If, for reasons beyond the Organizer's control (including: refusal to communicate the information requested when the contest account is opened, information on the winner is incomplete or is in violation of the rules, incomplete or incorrect address, prolonged absence making any communication with the winners impossible), the prizes cannot be distributed, the winners will lose their right to receive them and these prizes will not be re-awarded.
Any tax, duty or other cost generated by the awarding of a prize will, if applicable, be the exclusive responsibility of the winner.
In the event of force majeure or any other circumstance not under the Organizer's responsibility or rendering the prizes unavailable, the Organizer reserves the right to replace the prizes with other prizes of an equivalent kind and value. In addition, the winner will not be able to claim the cash equivalent of the prize won or its replacement with another prize or change his or her prize in any way.

Article 6. terms and conditions of obtaining and/or delivery of winnings
The winners will receive a confirmation of their win by email at the electronic address they provided. This email will explain how to obtain the prize won, including the obligation to send proof of purchase of the paid/premium (iOS) application (iOS) ElectroBeats by David Guetta. If there is no response to the email after five (5) days, the winners will be contacted by telephone. If the winners do not respond within three (3) days, the lot won will be withdrawn.

Article 7. limits of liability
The Organizer accepts no liability in the event of any incident which may occur on the occasion of the use or enjoyment of a prize won in the Contest.
The Organizer, its promotion and advertising agencies and all of its executives, administrators, employees and representatives and agents will not in any circumstances be held liable, and the winners will not be able to claim compensation for any harm, loss or liability to persons or property, caused in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by the acceptance or use of one of the prizes or by entry in this Contest. All claims, judgments and awards will be limited to the expenses incurred, including any costs associated with entering the Contest which could not be reimbursed by implementation of this document, but to the exclusion of any attorney's fees.
The Organizer and the promotion and advertising agencies are not responsible for technical, computer or telephone failures of any kind, connection failures or network unavailability, fraud, incomplete, jumbled or late computer transmissions, whether they are caused by the Organizer, the applicants or the equipment or the programs associated with or used for the Contest, or by any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of requests and which may damage the system of a user or limit an entrant's ability to take part in the drawing.

Article 8. personal information
By entering the Contest, you transmit and authorize the Organizer to use some of your personal information (last name, first name, date of birth, email address, postal address, etc.). This computer form is reported to the CNIL. Personal information shared by the entrants will be used only for the purposes of the Contest and will be destroyed when the Contest is over. In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, each entrant has the right to access, correct or delete the information about himself or herself. Entrants may exercise this right by simple written request sent to the postal address of the Contest indicated in Article 7.

Article 9. complete rules and modification consultation
The Organizer reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, all or part of the provisions of these rules. Any modification will be considered to have been accepted by the entrants.
The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend all or part of this Contest, in the event that a virus, bug, unauthorized human intervention, computer or electronic error or any other cause beyond the Organizer's control prevents or interferes with the administration, security, equality or fairness of the drawing. In this scenario, the Organizer may award prizes by drawing from all eligible registrations received up to the date of cancellation or suspension.
The complete rules are filed with the SCP Jourdain et Dubois, Huissiers de Justice associés bailiff in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and are freely accessible on the website www.uvi.net.

Article 10. disputes
Entering the Contest implies complete acceptance of these rules, without reservations.
The entrants will in any case elect domicile at the postal address indicated when they entered the Contest.
The Organizer will be able to suspend and cancel the entry of one or more players in the event that suspect or fraudulent conduct is observed.
Any dispute must be sent before June 30, 2013 (as attested by the date on the postmark) to the postal address of the Contest: 159 rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France.
The Organizer alone decides whether to exclude or reintegrate the players concerned with regard to the information in its possession. The Organizer cannot be held liable in this regard.

Article 11. intellectual property rights
In accordance with the laws governing literary and artistic property rights, or related rights, the reproduction and representation of all or part of the elements comprising the Contest are strictly prohibited. All trademarks or product names cited are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Article 12. applicable law
These rules are subject to French law, on the condition of application of imperative provisions in the area of consumer protection.

Prepared in Paris on November 5, 2012